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Yksin kissansa kanssa asuvista naisista on olemassa stereotypia, jonka mukaa kissoihinsa hullaantuneet naiset eivät enää juuri muita edes kaipaa elämäänsä kuin oman kehräävän ystävänsä. Nyt Instagramiin on perustettu yksi tili, jossa tätä ajatusta ruokitaan ja jossa naisten ja heidän kissojensa erityistä suhdetta ylistetään.

Girlsandtheircats-kanava esittelee ylpeänä naisia ja heidän kissojaan. Kuvissa nähdään aina nainen ja kissa jonkin tavanomaisen kotiaskareen parissa, ja kuvan alla on heidän yhteinen tarinansa kerrottuna.

Kuvien avulla pystytään näkemään, että kissojen ja naisten välinen suhde on ainutlaatuinen ja lämmin eikä siinä ole mitään hävettävää. Naiset ovat ylpeästi hulluina omiin kissoihinsa ja myös kissat näyttävät olevan hulluina omistajiinsa.

"My husband Brian and I used to live in this old loft building in Toronto called The Coffin Factory, that's what it was before people started living there. It was right next to this abattoir and around it there lived a colony of feral cats. They probably thrived from the waste of the pigs slaughtered there. They all looked tough as hell. Our dog wouldn't even go near them. One day my friend Agi and her boyfriend at the time had a new cat mom and her kittens arrive on their doorstep. A friend of theirs had found her and dropped her off. She was no doubt from the colony, a beautiful pale grey calico with exotic light green eyes and orange ringlets on her tail. They named her Nala. When the kittens were ready to find new homes, we thought we'd go take a look. I remember going down through the maze-like hallways of The Coffin Factory to her unit. There were 6 kittens and they were all nuts, one climbing on something, a couple napping on the couch, another chasing a toy across the floor, they were everywhere. I wasn't sure if we should get a cat since we travel and move around a lot, but Brian said "Of course we'll take one of the kittens, we'll make it work!" Ok, we're getting a kitten. I'm not sure which came first, his boss-like swagger or his name, Captain. Probably his name but he grew into it so well I can't imagine him as anything else. He's always liked to ride around on our shoulders, I think it comes from his nature of liking to be up high and perhaps escape our overly affectionate dog when he was too small to ward her off. He's a cat and can't help but do cat-like things, like wake us up when be wants food, showing a certain remorselessness when he chews on expensive computer cords, but behind those things there's something of higher being capable of great love and affection. Anyone who spends enough time with him falls completely in love. He tends to really affect people and share special moments with them. I feel very lucky that I get to be his cat mama." @annaagneta Anna and Captain in Bed-Stuy for #girlsandtheircats Anna is a model and musician. She plays guitar in a Canadian indie rock band called Dusted. #gingercat #caturday #orangecat

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"Foxy came into my life in April 2016 thanks to my friend Morika, who is a veterinarian. Foxy had been brought into her clinic, pregnant, and without an owner. Nobody knew her story, but they could tell she was just over a year old. KITTENS HAVING KITTENS! Ah, the madness of it all. Her kittens were not brought into this world – the doctors chose to abort the pregnancy because they already had a collection of homeless cats there in cages. Luckily the pregnancy was very very early. She took to my apartment instantly, and cuddled me in bed the very first night. It's been over a month now, and she's successfully been trained to pee and poo in my toilet….no litter box in this house! I highly recommend the @CitiKitty System for $24 on works! I'm home all day 7 days a week, because I work at home as a painter: For work I oil paint – actually finger paint – using gloves rather than brushes. She's so new I haven't designed a painting about her, but it's certainly in the cards. When she curls into a ball she looks like a sleeping fox in my lap. On work days she's either laying in my lap while I'm at my computer, or underfoot when I'm at the easel. Foxy stays out of the paint and is overall just a perfect little house companion. Yesterday her leash/harness arrived via Amazon. I've been watching YouTube videos about how to leash-train a cat. It's doable, but you have to ease into it and use lots of treats! Pretty soon I'll be able to take her on walks. Foxy has enriched my life, and my work environment has never felt so complete. I love my Foxy." @irisscottart Iris and Foxy in Clinton Hill for #girlsandtheircats. All photos by BriAnne Wills #adoptdontshop #catlover #catmom #catsofinstagram #aspca #catlady #kittens #painter #artist

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Miranda and Nono in the East Village for #girlsandtheircats. @mirandalevitt "We are a family of animal lovers and adopters. Every Thanksgiving when I go home to Philadelphia, my mom and grandma and I go to the local SPCA and look at animals. Mainly cats. One year, after my grandmothers cat had recently passed away, we began looking for another cat for her to adopt. I saw Nono immediately and thought "oh my god! that cat is gorgeous." She was so tiny and white and fluffy and SMOOSHY. I showed her to my mom who said white cats are crazy and my grandma had her heart set on finding a Siamese. But she was so perfect. At the SPCA you can request to hold the cats one at at a time, and there was this family holding her in front of me and talking about adopting her, so I walked out of the room to the front desk and filled out adoption papers before they had the opportunity to and before I even held her. The family was saying how they could "try her out" like it was a toy you could return. I was so scared to lose her because I just knew she was special. A week later I found out my application had been accepted and she was mine. My grandma went to pick her up for me, since I was in New York, but Nono was really sick and weak. My grandmother paid for a vet to come to her house nearly every day for a week, administering fluids and saving her. I eventually took her up to New York and my grandmother said she admitted she wished she had taken her for herself. I named her Domino like Domino Sugar cause shes sooo white, but we call her Nono because she's very naughty and playful. She's the greatest cat. She's constantly making me laugh, and she's so affectionate and funny. Ive never met a cat like her before and i don't think i ever will. Oh, and her favorite game is fetch." All photos by BriAnne Wills #spca #adoptdontshop #catlover #catlady #catsofinstagram #girls #whitecat

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Kelly and Desnudo in Bed Stuy for #girlsandtheircats @kellonwheelz ??? "A few years ago I was living without animals for the first time in my life and I realized that I was allergic. I still wanted to get a cat and thought I could handle a hairless one only they're hella expensive. I scoured @petfinder and @Craigslist and finally came across Desnudo's ad (He was called Rocky at the time). His owner had moved to Hawaii and left him with family until she could bring him with her. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me, her situation had changed and they were looking to find him a new home. $40 later I had this smelly, half-blind, little butthead that I love so much. His name came from trying to explain to Spanish coworkers that he had no hair. Desnudo means naked in Spanish. He hates all the clothes I try to put on him and ends up nude anyway so it's more fitting for him. Four years later and still going strong with my little bald baby." All photos by BriAnne Wills #sphynx #hairlesscat #naked #catlady #catlover #catsofinstagram #series

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Emelia and Olive in Sunset Park for #girlsandtheircats @emmmeelia "I adopted Olive as a therapy cat. My dad was sick, and I knew having a pet would bring a lot of love and comfort to that stressful time in my life. Olive was abused as a kitten, and was scared of everyone (except me!). We were instantly good together. I couldn't decide on a name for my then shy kitten, and I called up my dad who rattled off a bunch of creative ideas. When he suggested "Olive" I knew right away it totally fit her cute personality. Now, though still temperamental, she is a sweetheart and is always curious and loving. My dad passed away a year later, and it brings me such comfort to know she carries a little bit of his memory with her name." All photos by BriAnne Wills #gingercat #orangecat #catlady #catsofinstagram #bookproject #cats #girls

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