Naisjoogi näytti stereotypioille närhen munat – jooga ei kysy elopainoa!

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Sosiaalisissa medioissa on useita kanavia ja tilejä, joiden on tarkoitus inspiroida iihmisiä liikkumaan, suorittamaan treenit paremmin, laihtumaan ja haluamaan kiinteämmän vartalon. Jessamyn Stanley motivoi kaikenkokoisia ja -näköisiä ihmisiä joogaamaan näytti oma vaakalukema sitten isoa tai pientä numeroa.

Jessamyn Stanley on joogan opettaja, joka rikkoo kaikki stereotypiat siitä, millaiselta joogaohjaajan tulisi näyttää. Stanley ei ole pienikokoinen ja juuri siitä syystä hän haluaakin näyttää kaikille, että kuka tahansa voi harrastaa joogaa ja jooga kuuluu jokaiselle ihmiselle.

Stanleyn Instagram-tilin kuvat ovat kauniita ja monia motivoivia otoksia naisesta, joka ei peittele kurvejaan. Stanley taipuu kuvissa vaikeisiin jooga-asentoihin ja näyttää, että myös muut kuin sirovartaloiset joogit voivat julkaista Instagramissa joogakuvia, jotka henkivät hyvää oloa ja mieltä.

Today I held #pinchamayurasana w/ STRAIGHT MOTHERFUCKIN' LEGS, Y'ALL. FOR A COUPLE OF BREATHS. AND I DIDN'T FALL DOWN- I actually exited somewhat gracefully. I am obsessed w/ the way @fitqueenirene & @cbquality enter this pose because they always look as though they are effortlessly standing up, as we do when we stand on our feet. Idk if you recall, but any 1-3 year old will tell you that learning to stand on your feet is sooo hard. Therefore, it shouldn't surprise anyone that it could take years before one can comfortably find balance on the forearms, hands, or head. As it stands, I've been working on this pose for the better portion of two years and it's been a crazy ride that's definitely involved wayyy more falling down than standing up. I guess what I'm trying to say is- don't give up. No matter what. No matter how many times you fall down. Because one day you won't fall down. And the feeling will be so worth it. (By the way, if you're curious about my life off the mat or want to see outtakes from my home practice, follow @jessamynstanley- it's mostly just me, my friends, and my pets actin' a damn fool.) Mat- @mandukayoga Strap- @mamakuka

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I had a really good time shooting with @alliemullin & @cadyshannon for @clarioncontent today- I love my small, weird, diverse Southern town to pieces and I'm excited to be part of this burgeoning community of creative doers and thinkers. I can't wait to share @alliemullin's final shots paired with Cady's article about me, but here's a quick shot my love @cadyshannon snapped. Leggings by @maleshactivewear/ Top by @paramitedesigns It recently occurred to me that many of my 'non-internet' yoga friends have difficulty understanding the necessity of an online yoga community. I mean, I keep encountering really awesome lifelong yoga practitioners who are completely flummoxed by the yoga social media community and I can't help but notice that they are all, well…..not "different". It's largely people who have a completely unintended privilege within the Western yoga world which is purely based on the fact that their bodies are either white and/or slender. It's funny because, simultaneously, I encounter an overwhelming number of people who are both white AND slender and STILL feel excluded from the Western yoga world. Without making any bastardized generalizations, I think we can all safely agree that all of this is a fucking problem. There isn't a person on earth who should feel left out of the Western yoga world- as we walk deeper into the 21st century, the face of yoga has become even more undefinable and the internet is the only place we really have to put that undefinable face on display. I can only hope that those who roll their eyes at the yoga social media community will find a way to put their prejudices aside, but at the same time- who cares? This is a new world order- it's time for change. I'm excited to see so many of you are down to do the work that needs to be done- I feel blessed to be 'internet friends' with all of you.

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I took a little break from the internet this weekend. I mean, I likelovehate social media as much as the next late twentysomething but JEEZ- a femme can only take so much 'internet-ing' before she needs to get outside and feel the grass under her toes, ya dig? In addition to spending time with my loved ones, eating @krispykreme doughnuts, and sunning myself by the banks of the Eno River, I spent the past few days catching up on projects that slid to my back burner while I was in Asheville. Of course, I would love to spill the beans on everything new and exciting to come, but I'm sworn to secrecy on several different topics. HOWEVER, I am SO STOKED to announce that my #yoga teenage dream is about to come true- my long distance yoga love @nolatrees & I are hitting the road….together….to teach joint yoga workshops! Dana & I are getting pumped to bring our body positive yoga mission to as many of you as humanly possible. However, if we hold a workshop, would you come? What studios/cities would you like to see us in/at? If you're too shy to write in the comments, feel free to shoot me an e-mail @ The instagram yoga community has blessed us with the opportunity to find kindred spirits across the globe- I think it's high time we take the #bodylove yoga movement into the stratosphere. #effyourbeautystandards #honoryourcurves Pants- @lineagewear P.S. via @nolatrees- if you're a studio owner, e-mail us!

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Day 2 of #JoinTheFractal9Team Challenge is #camatkarasana (#wildthingpose) & the question: What's A Goal You're Currently Working Towards? I have a lot of goals, but my most fervent quests are usually non-physical achievements. Right now, I'm working on compassion. I constantly encounter people and businesses who give zero fucks about diversity and inclusion, especially within the #yoga community. I have pondered the reasons for this widespread discrimination and I think pondering is futile. I think it's more important to focus on being compassionate towards those who fear and dislike what they don't understand. Also, it's a better use of energy to support people and companies who DO give a fuck about diversity and inclusion. Finding the real definition of compassion when dealing with those whose opinions differ from my own is a daily battle, and it's a goal I intend to keep at the forefront of my priorities. If you want to join in, snap a picture of yourself in today's pose and caption with your answer to this question. Also, don't forget to tag our awesome sponsor @fractal.9 & my beautiful co-hosts @cheryld126, @simply_lydie, @nolatrees, @dms_yoga, @reesielove1121, & @ alexisr022. Check in w/ @dms_yoga for tomorrow's pose/question! Bottoms- @fractal.9- use 'Fractal9Plus' for a discount!

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