Fitness-äiti paljasti mikä saa hänet epävarmaksi – moni olisi eri mieltä

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Melbournessa asuva perheenäiti Anna Strode synnytti kaksoset, mutta oli jo yhdeksän kuukauden jälkeen synnytyksestä uskomattoman hyvässä kunnossa. Hän toimii inspiraationa monille muille äideille, mutta myös Strode kokee välillä olevansa epävarma itsestään ja omasta vartalostaan.

Anna Strodea seuraa Instagramissa yli 57.000 ihmistä, jotka haluavat saada itselleen motivaatiota naisen kuntoiluvideoista. Videoilla nainen näyttää miten hän treenaa kotonaan kahden pienen poikansa aikana ja saa mahtumaan lyhyet treenit omiin kiireisiin päiviinsä. Myös Strode kokee silti paineita siitä, että raskaus näkyy hänen vatsassaan.

Monet äidit voivat varmasti olla sitä mieltä, että raskaus ei jättänyt pienikokoiseen naiseen mitään jälkiä. Strode kuitenkin näyttää videollaan, että vatsaan jäänyt löysä iho ja raskausarvet tuovat hänelle välillä epävarmuutta. Strode kuitenkin painottaa videolla sitä, että epävarmuuden äänille ei saa missään nimessä antaa valtaa. Jokaisen äidin tulee olla onnellinen siitä mitä hän on saanut aikaan ja kantaa raskauden jättämiä jälkiä ihollaan ylpeänä.


REST DAYS ~ we ALL need them and YES I do have them! Each week varies as let's face it – nothing is predictable when it comes to #mumlife but I generally have 1-2 rest days per week. The intensity of my training also varies throughout the week and today I felt like a rest day but also knew I needed a little movement to help my mind so I wipped out my TIRED MAMA FULL BODY WORKOUT. I love that this workout can literally be done anywhere and the kids can crawl all over and play around you. ? 30 x Donkey Kicks (15 each side) ? 20 x Glute Bridges ? 1 minute plank ? 15 x Dips ? 15 x Double Pulse Squat Repeat for 3 rounds. Comment below if you're keen to give this one a try! I'd love to hear how you go too!! ?? … And don't forgot to tag your workout buddy ??

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Yay we all got out of our active wear this weekend ??? hehe! How cuuuute are the boys outfits?! So anyways, I have a story for you that I've been wanting to share… Around 12 months ago I read a post in a twin Facebook group and it said 'what's harder ~ newborn twins or toddler twins…' I distinctively remember reading through every single one of the 300 comments… 99% of them said 'toddler twins' and I thought to myself 'oh wow these people must have all had "easy" newborns ~ surely nothing can harder than THIS'… But seriously OH EM GEE how wrong was I ??? Toddler twins are sooooo hard!!! They are so amazingly CUTE and FUNNY and GORGEOUS and I LOVE them with ALLLLLL my heart but OMG they are challenging haha ?? They have me spinning round in circles from the moment they wake up until the moment they're tucked into bed at night ?? The whole day is like a cyclone hehe! So, I'm still not sure what's harder ~ newborns or toddlers ~ they both have a different set of challenges and equally amazing moments and memories that I've fallen in love with and will cherish forever. Each and everyday I'm learning new things about this wonderful world of mamahood and even though it's the hardest thing I've ever done it's certainly the BEST thing I've ever done ???‍?‍?‍? Newborns taught me I was stronger than I ever thought and toddlers are teaching me I'm more patient than I ever thought ?? Love to know what you all think?! What did you find more challenging?! The newborn phase or toddler phase?! I think they're both challenging in their own ways hey!?

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2 pictures taken moments apart. The pic on the right is one that might resemble what you see as you scroll your Instagram feed each day. The pic on the right probably reminds you of the ones you think you could never possibly share with the world. Polar opposites ~ but guess what, I've decided that both pictures MAKE ME PROUD. Everyday we are surrounded by images that are supposed to represent 'perfection' but why can't the pic on the left represent perfection too?! The pic on the left represents what my body is capable of ~ growing 2 babies, yes! Little humans that have come into the world and made me the happiest mumma in the whole wide world! It's not easy for me to do this, I promise you as I post this I am no joke absolutely shit*ing myself but the reason I'm doing this is to show you we're ALL REAL! We all have things we wish we could change, it's easy to get caught up in the perfect world of social media but DON'T! Because behind every image is someone that has things they wish they could change too. Be proud, be kind, love your body for what it has done. Stretch marks, loose skin, bellies and saggy boobs – embrace it mummas because you are BEAUTIFUL ???

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