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Moni etsii Instagramista inspiraatiota ruoanlaittoon, kauneuteen, muotiin ja treenaamiseen liittyen. Sovellus on pullollaan kuvia mitä hyväkuntoisemmista miehistä ja naisista, mutta aina heidänkään kuvansa eivät kerro koko totuutta.

Fitness-sivustoja ylläpitävät naiset julkaisevat usein kuvia omista tuloksistaan ja vartalostaan treenin jälkeen kun kaikki lihakset ovat näkyvästi esille. Melbournessa asuva psykologi ja seurattu fitnessbloggaaja Stacey Lee on julkaissut hänen kanavallaan kuvapareja, jotka näyttävät miten monet seuratut tähdet muokkaavat omaa vartaloaan photoshopin avulla.

Stacey Lee on julkaissut hyvin havainnollistavia kuvia siitä, miten monet muokkaavat omia kuviaan melko huomaamattomasti. Kaikkea näkemäänsä ei kannata uskoa tai pitää omana tavoitteenaan, koska se voi olla kuvan jälkikäsittelyn ansiota. Nainen on kuvissa muokannut filtterin avulla ihonsa ruskettuneemmaksi, vyötärön kapeammaksi, takapuolen pyöreämmäksi ja reisien välisen vaon suuremmaksi.

HOW DO YOU MEASURE UP? Psych Stace signing in 👩🏻‍💼 One of the recurrent themes I treat in my profession is body image and its effect on self esteem. Self esteem is defined as confidence in ones own worth. However when that worth is tied to an image, a number on a scale, the size of clothes, the smoothness of skin, the smallness of a waist, the bigness of a butt, the definition on your abs, or the gap between your thighs, your worth will never me measured correctly. One of the reasons behind this is that the measuring stick we use, is based on lies, manipulations and imagined ideals. We are primed to believe a certain standard of 'beauty' is the goal. We are shown images every day which are not realistic, even the small changes to photos or advertisements make a difference. They send subconscious messages saying that you aren't enough, and never will be. As soon as I stopped following accounts that used photoshop, professional images (regularly that is, shit photo shoots are fun I won't knock you for that), constant filters, and altered their images, my self esteem improved. Being able to see real women share their real bodies, which still look incredible! Gave me the confidence to work for my realistic goals, and to measure my progress on a REAL measuring stick. This image was not created to say I don't like how I look in the real photo, it's to say the opposite actually. I love the work I've put in to look like the photo on the left. The point of this image is to show that when something that is already 'good' is altered to be 'better', it teaches people that your 'real' isn't good enough. I don't want to ever perpetuate or encourage that twisted notion. So I post these photos to combat that idea and to raise awareness of the damage it can have. So, what measuring stick are you using? Psych Stace signing out 💜 #trollstrollsgoawaycomeagainwhenyouhavesomethingnicetosay #keepitreal #psychstace #realityvsphotoshop #dedicated #bodytransformation #transformationtuesday #strongnotskinny #bbg #bodygoals #fitness #inspo #kaylaitsines #progressnotperfection #muscle #training #girlswholift #wellness #psychology

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FEAR THE PHOTOSHOPPED PHOTO! How many times have you looked at a photo of yourself and thought negatively about it? How many times have you compared yourself to the models in the magazine, or more likely, the 'models' on instagram and social media and thought 'nope I don't look like that'? 📸 How many times have you been tempted to add a filter, tweak the cellulite, remove the blemish, maximize the booty, in order to portray a more 'socially acceptable' version of yourself to the world? Because you feel you aren't 'enough' as you are. 📷 Subconsciously we are primed to find certain body types more acceptable. This can be very subtle changes to photographs seen on a daily basis. But these small changes resonate deeply within our minds. Shaping our beliefs about the way we 'should' look, and therefore creates unrealistic comparisons and perpetuates negative self talk which becomes low self esteem. 📸 Recognizing the signs of a photoshopped image is important for our mental health. Understanding that sometimes what we are looking at is simply a fantastical image created on something designed to suit virtual reality, NOT the real world. 📷 The good news is. YOU HAVE CONTROL! Don't like someone images because they make you feel shit? You look and think 'why can't that be me, why aren't my legs smooth, my thighs smaller, my butt bigger, my waist skinnier, my arms more defined? I'm disgusting. I'm fat. I'm gross'…UNFOLLOW!!!!! 📸 I have been victim to this myself. I unfollowed a lot of women (no offense) because it was damaging my self esteem. I didn't look and feel motivated, I felt devalued and defective. I only follow people who remind me to stay REAL with myself and with the world. Yes I'll add a filter sometimes, I love photography. But I'll NEVER adjust my body through an app and post it as a real image. That's adding fuel to an already all consuming fire. 📷 Take your control. Don't fear your unfiltered self 💜 #keepingitreal #dedicated #bodytransformation #transformationtuesday #strongnotskinny #bbg #bodygoals #fitness #inspo #kaylaitsines #progressnotperfection #muscle #training #girlswholift #fitspo

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