Ariana Grande palasi Manchesteriin – meni heti sairaalaan tapaamaan fanejaan

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Manchester Arenalla tehtiin äskettäin Ariana Granden konsertissa terrori-isku, jossa naulapommin selkäreppuunsa piilottanut terroristi surmasi 22 ihmistä ja haavoitti toista sataa ihmistä. Laulaja palasi eilen Manchesteriin huomista One Love -konserttia varten. Konsertilla kerätään rahaa iskun uhrien perheille.

Välittömästi iskun jälkeen Manchesteristä kotiinsa Yhdysvaltoihin lentänyt poptähti palasi nyt Manchesteriin ja suuntasi heti sairaalaan tapaamaan iskusta siellä toipuvia fanejaan. Hän poseerasi fanien kanssa myös yhteiskuvissa.

Sunnuntain konsertista on tulossa historiallisen massiivinen, sillä Ariana Granden lisäksi lavalle ovat tällä tietoa nousemassa muun muassa Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Take That ja Niall Horan.

Two extremely strong women in one picture 😍 @arianagrande #arianagrande

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This photo really inspired me. I'm very happy that so many people helps the victims to overcome this tragedy. Manchester I'm with you. I hope the concert which will be held June 4 collect the maximum amount of money to help the victims and families of people who have lost loved ones. I hope that all goes well. I'm proud of you @arianagrande , you're extremely strong. It's incredibly so much support it's wonderful that people care. I urge people to be kind after all, who but we will change this world. I sympathize with the relatives and the relatives of the victims, be strong, hold on. Please people let's support @arianagrande and all who will be at the concert in Manchester 04.06.17 . I send them their love and support. I'm glad all the fans and their idols have teamed up to help the Arians and her fans. This picture really touched me. All haters who say bad things about our idols, thank you because you make us stronger and unite us. I hope no one holds any malice toward anyone ( in this world it has enough). This is a motivating post. Hey you are a man who read this text know that you are beautiful and you should be happy. Remember everything that happens in your life depends on you , you make yourself and your destiny. Whatever happens you must be strong, get motivated. Remember everything will be okay , because after the rain always comes the sun. After the poor will always be good. Those who read this text, I love you , be strong and always be yourself. Live. Dreams. Never give up. Never say never. Let all your dreams will come true . All the love. I dream that all the stars who will join Ariana on June 4 at the concert, stood up all in one happy one the stage and began to sing "One Last Time" #onelovemanchester #staystrongmanchester #arianagrande #justinbieber #littlemix #niallhoran #usher #kettyperry #mileysayrus #coldplay #preyformanchester #beliebers #arianators #directioners #selenators #neversaynever #purpose #nevergiveup #youbeautiful #allthelove

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