Koiravanhukset yhtä söpöjä kuin pennut – ihastuttavat kuvat julki

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Valokuvaaja Pete Thorne on ottanut upeita potretteja vanhoista koirista. Nämä elämää nähneet ja harmaantuneet vanhukset ovat ihan yhtä suloisia kuin nuoret koiranpennutkin. Kuvasarja koostuu 50 koiravanhuksesta ja se sai koiria kunnioittavan nimen Old Faithful, joka tarkoittaa suomeksi vanhaa ja uskollista.

Herttaisten karvakuonojen kuvista näkee, että jokaisella on ollut pitkä koiranelämä takana. Vanhukset ovat yli kymmenenvuotiaita ja monen karvat ovat jo saaneet harmaan sävyn. Kuvaaja on suunnitellut julkaisevansa vanhuksista kirjan, jossa on kuvien lisäksi lyhyt esittely jokaisesta seniori-ikäisestä koirasta. Näillä hännänheiluttajilla on varmasti mielenkiintoinen elämäntarina kerrottavanaan.

For Thanksgiving I thought I would let Janine Ross share us the story of her old doggie: His name is Toto and he is the light of my life! Toto is a 16 year old Cairn Terrier mix who melts my heart every time I look at him. I rescued Toto when he was 7 years old. I was a Veterinary Assistant at the time and it was love at first site. Toto was scheduled to be euthanized because of his inappropriate urination issues. The inappropriate urination issue existed due to a condition called Unilateral Cryptorchidism. Poor little guy only had one descended testicle. The veterinarian was sure the inappropriate urination could be resolved by having Toto neutered but his owner's refused and wanted to have him euthanized. The veterinarian would not euthanize Toto and had Toto signed over into the care of the clinic. This is when our love story started……… Toto had his surgery and recovered perfectly. He lived at the clinic for 30 days before I started sneaking him into my parents home and hiding him in my bed. I eventually got caught and at the age of 18 years old I got down on my hands and knees and literally begged my parents to keep him and it worked! He became a part of the family and still is to this day. At his young age of 16 his recent examination and blood work checked out well! He has arthritis in his spine, no spleen, deaf and cataracts but this does not slow him down, especially at dinner time! "There's no place like home", as Dorothy would say and that's because Toto is there. xo #oldfaithfulphoto #torontodogs #olddog #dogsofinstagram #dogstory #dogphotography #terrier

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Todays old doggie is 11yr old chocolate lab Mason, here's a little bit from his owner Judith: Mason is now 11 years old. We got him from the Humane Society when he was two. According to his file he comes from a long line of show dogs but I guess our boy didn’t quite make the cut! He came to us with paws smooth and pink like a puppy and a little bossy. He was a lucky boy because his new owners had patience and a pet store and he never lacked for toys or treats again. He knew Buddy (of Buddy Belts) and Buddy, despite their size difference, would always try to have his way with him when he lay down. Mason sometimes didn’t even notice! Mason has slowed down a fair bit but still finds that one dog in the dog park that he wants to play with. He continues to steal the toilet paper! We love him so much. #oldfaithfulphoto #torontodogs #olddog #dogsofinstagram #dogstory #dogphotography. Follow on Facebook: Old Faithful Photo Project

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After deciding to adopt a dog, I found Bodley, a Boxer and Staffordshire Terrier mix, using Petfinder.com at an animal shelter in Keswick. He had been abandoned and was almost skeletal when he was brought in. Though given some warning that Bodley didn't like men and would destroy my apartment, I paid no heed and brought Bodley home almost 10 years ago. He loves men. He loves the couch. And he loves baked goods (which I must keep locked away or he uses his above average cunning to open cupboards, and reach amazing heights for a tasty treat). Now, at the age of 12(ish) Bodley has slowed down considerably. We no longer chase squirrels, only hunt them down with intense staring. Though his arthritis limits his flexibility, it does not limit his enthusiasm for walks and exploration through brown crunchy leaves. His eyes might be weakening, but there is nothing wrong with his nose which still can sniff out a delicious discarded pizza crust at 20 feet. #oldfaithfulphoto #torontodogs #olddog #dogsofinstagram #dogstory #dogphotography

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