Kauppa veloittaa naisilta 24 prosenttia miehiä vähemmän – tasa-arvon nimissä

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Elena Schlenker -niminen taiteilija on perustanut Pittsburghiin putiikin nimeltä 76

My view this weekend. #lessthan100shop

Kuva, jonka elanaschlenker (@elanaschlenker) julkaisi

Back at #lessthan100shop today talking about the #gendergap. Today is an especially significant day for the store: it's #equalpayday which marks how far into the year a woman must work in order to earn the same amount of money as a man in the previous year. We've got free newspapers here with info about the issue and how you can get involved, as well as work from tons of amazing women artists and makers: @kayeblegvad @cherrybombemag @ovenly @teeteebeezie @makerscircle @sadiebarnette @ninachanel @lenkaclaytonstudio @kaylamattes @karenkimmel @taryncowart @gotagirlcrush @peopleiveloved @gogograce @spaces_corners @reikoyamamotostudio @jennypennywood @aelfie_ @rosebeerhorst @saucyunicorn @gottesss @reallyrialeigh and more! All full price for men, 76% of the price for women.

Kuva, jonka elanaschlenker (@elanaschlenker) julkaisi