Perheenäiti opastaa: Näin kotona pystyy treenaamaan

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Tamara Murphy on 26-vuotias pienen tytön äiti. Hän oli lapsen saamisen jälkeen päättänyt, että hän pystyy järjestämään aikaa treenaamiselle vaikka hän ei haluakaan poistua tyttärensä luota. Hän alkoikin keksimään tapoja miten hän pystyy treenaamaan kotonaan tyttärensä kanssa ja huomasi, että myös lapsi nauttii yhteisistä hetkistä paljon.

Vauvan ja taaperon kanssa treenaaminen voi olla välillä haastavaa ja vaatia äidiltä kärsivällisyyttä, mutta Murphy on kuitenkin osoittanut, että se on täysin mahdollista. Quinn-tyttären lisäksi naisen kaksi ranskanbulldoggia tulevat välillä myös viereen vaatimaan naiselta huomiota, mutta hän pystyy kuitenkin lopulta tekemään treeninsä loppuun saakka.

Murphy on nyt kehittänyt oman The Ultimate Body Mummy -sivuston, jossa hän opettaa muitakin äitejä treenaamaan kotona lapsen kanssa. Nainen antaa kotona treenaamiseen myös Instagram-tilillään hyviä vinkkejä kiireisille äideille kuvien ja videoiden muodossa.

|| YOUR CORE || When it comes to pregnancy and post partum exercising there is so much mixed and conflicting information out there that it can be a little tricky and slightly overwhelming when trying to select the right exercise choices for your changing body through pregnancy and then getting back on track post birth! . . Frontal planks and other certain exercises increase the load on the Linea Alba (abdominal connective tissue) regardless of a persons presumed core strength. Which is why other alternative exercises are much better suited during pregnancy and post partum. . . Side plank variations can be a great alternative to frontal planks during pregnancy and post birth. I love this core and glute strength exercise that you can do all the way through pregnancy (adding the variation of lowering down to your knee from 30 + weeks pregnant) and post birth safely and effectively with DR. . . Women are often misled into believing that if their Doctor says that an exercise is ok and wont harm the baby then therefore it must be ok to do, even if it is causing internal damage to Mum! . . This leads to many mums performing certain exercises because they don't harm baby and either don't care if it stresses their body or have not been educated on the possible damage they may cause! . . Your core muscle system is compromised during pregnancy regardless of fitness and strength this is due to your growing uterus. . . To contract the core muscles efficiently the Diaphragm, Multifidus Transverse Abdominus (TA) and Pelvic Floor (PF) must be able to function at optimal, your growing baby reduces how effectively women can connect with this system. . . If you have a #Diastasis present or you want to prevent it during pregnancy then exercises that increase the force on the weakend Linea alba should be avoided regardless of them feeling ok and not inducing any obvious pain. The exercises are just not suitable and you don't need to do them when there are so many other alternatives. ? . . Who would be interested in me doing a blog post on exercises to avoid during pregnancy and post birth with Diastasis? . Wishing all you beautiful Mumma's a wonderful day xx

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Today I just did not want to exercise! I had so much to do and exercise was last on my list. The past 2 months has seen me completely out of routine and not prioritising my life correctly (not putting my health and needs above other things that really can wait). Exercise has been a little on the slack side only getting 2 workouts and a couple of walks a week in! So today I promised myself no more! I am going to reschedule my daily calendar and ensure I fit in at least a 10-20minute HIIT session most days! When I exercise I am a better mother and person in general! . . Today's 20 minute HIIT session consisted of push-ups, step up butt lifts, tricep dips, Bulgarian split squats and box jumps all using my outdoor setting chair! Set the timer to 20 minutes and complete as many rounds of the circuit as you can completing 15reps of each exercise! . . Give this workout a go set the timer for 10-20minutes and go for it! ???? @rockwearaustralia #rockwear #rockwearaustralia

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