Angorapuput ihastuttavat – karvainen pariskunta nettitähdeksi

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Angorakani Wally on yksi maailman suosituimmista ja seuratuimmista pupujusseista. Massachusettsissa asusteleva lemmikinomistaja Molly yllättyi, kun hänen angorakaninsa nousi nopeasti nettisensaatioksi. Olemme aiemmin esitelleet suloisen karvapalleron kuvia, mutta nyt niitä on kaksi.

Herttainen Wally-vemmelsääri on löytänyt tyttöystävän. The Dodo -sivusto julkaisi Wallyn Instagram-profiiliin julkaistuista videoista suloisen koosteen, jolla nähdään karvaisen kaksikon edesottamuksia. Wallyn harmaa tyttöystäväpupu on nimeltään Suki. Pariskunnalla on jo nyt noin 320.000 seuraajaa.

Molly adoptoi Sukin ja on sen jälkeen parantanut pienen pupun hyvinvointia merkittävästi. Suki oli joutunut elämään pelkästään häkissä, mutta nyt se on intoutunut telmimään Wallyn esimerkillä. Wally ja Molly hoivaavat uutta perheenjäsentä ahkerasti.

This rabbit is so excited — because he got a girlfriend 😍

Publié par The Dodo sur lundi 2 janvier 2017

This is another photo in the wheelbarrow series. (I'm completely out of new photos! ?) I think I'll take a moment to talk about Suki the "utopian bunny" (Wally's words). Suki has come SO far since I first adopted her. First, her strength and muscle tone have increased significantly. When I first got her, she felt like a tiny, bony baby bird. ☺ I could barely feel her muscles. (Before I adopted her, Suki was likely severely neglected and kept in a cage without the ability to exercise or move around.) In addition to her physical health, our relationship has grown so much. She used to run away after I pet her for only a few seconds – as if it was too much for her to tolerate. She didn't like being touched or snuggled in all the snuggly places Wally likes to be snuggled and mushed and squshed. But now she seeks me out much more for pets and she loves our snuggly wuggly time. I have noticed that Wally has been much more aware of our growing bond. He used to feel very secure in our relationship. ? He never came up to me while I was petting Suki – he'd lay down like a prince in my eyesight several feet away like he was waiting for me to come give him his bunny massage. But recently, he's been hurrying over when he sees me petting Suki. He even gave me a little nip the other day when his nose boops didn't get my attention right away. It was the first time he ever showed that kind of urgency in getting my attention! From the start, Suki would always interrupt my snuggles with Wally – she'd run over and start desperately digging on me. ? Then she'd sink down and let me pet her for a few seconds and run off. It's amazing to see how astute Wally and Suki are and how human relationships truly do grow and change with bunnies! I love both of them SO much! And they're both equally utopian in my eyes.

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