Näin kuka tahansa voi saada Kardashian-pepun – kuva todistaa

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Tunnetut kunto-ohjaajat ja fitnessbloggaajat ovat usein julkaisseet itsestään tekaistuja ennen ja jälkeen -kuvia saavuttamistaan muutoksista, jotka eivät ole kuitenkaan olleet oikeita. Kuvaparien avulla he ovat halunneet näyttää ihmisille miten helppo kuvia on väärentää sosiaalista mediaa varten.

Nyt eräs kuntoilija on kuitenkin julkaissut oman monia naisia puhuttelevan kuvan muutoksesta, joka on aito. 2012 vuonna otetussa kuvassa Abby Pollock on hyvin hoikka eikä hänellä ole juurikaan lihaksia. 2014 vuonna otetussa kuvassa nähdään selvä kehitys, joka on jatkunut eteenpäin aina tähän päivään saakka.

Pollock halusi kuvallaan todistaa, että muhkea ja pyöreä Kardashian-takapuoli on todella mahdollista saavuttaa oikeanlaisen treenin ja riittävän ravinnon avulla. Muodokkaaseen takapuoleen ei siis aina tarvita leikkauksia tai oikeanlaisia geenejä mikäli motivaatiota löytyy senkin edestä.

?WARNING? I'm about to be honest with you. – Yes, this is my real transformation. My butt did grow that much. My boobs – maybe a bit but most of that "growth" is thanks to the add-two-cups Victoria's Secret bra. Fake boobs don't align with my adrenaline junkie tendencies?. In 2012 I was 20lbs underweight and was struggling on and off with anorexia and binge eating disorder. In 2015 I was at a healthy, but lean weight with some fat, a lot more muscle, and balanced hormones. – Now that we've got that out of the way. Here's what you need to know. ?I DID NOT get here by taking "supplements", avoiding carbs, drinking slim teas, or doing BS exercises that you see on most IG exercise pages. I built a muscular foundation using compound exercises (not machines), progressed how often I trained + how much weight I lifted over time, and adjusted my diet to meet my training needs. I pulled myself together. I FINALLY got started. I commit to a program. And I let go of the habits that were holding me back. Where I struggled most was with getting started and then committing. I felt like no matter how many articles I read or #fitspo accounts I stalked, there was some gap in knowledge between what they knew and what I was doing?. I spent a lot of time reading, getting overwhelmed, feeling frustrated then trying again. It was miserable for a solid few months. 〰This is WHY I put out so much "beginner" content and this is WHY it's so important to me to explain everything I do to you, no matter how simple it sounds. 〰This is WHY I started my group training program. Because there's no program out there that meets you where you are right here, right now and helps you build that foundation in knowledge + muscle. If you've made it this far, you're clearly determined. And I invite you to check out our group training program (LINK IN BIO)?. Just check it out. This is your chance to FINALLY pull yourself together. FINALLY start. And FINALLY start making progress towards the body + confidence you deserve??.

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FB LIVE STREAM 8:00PM EST (join link in bio): The 4 BIGGEST Mistakes Made By Beginners. . One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see women make is that they’re not eating enough. Eating 1000 calories a day took constant willpower. I had to constantly plan and re-plan what I was eating so I didn’t accidentally go over or eat a food that was “off-limits”. Aside from the fact that I was physically drained from eating so little, I was mentally drained from obsessing over such a trivial part of my life. Eating 1700 calories a day (pic on the right) was how much I was eating on a HEALTHY DIET. On the right I was leaning out for a bodybuilding competition and was still losing weight + reaching a low body fat while eating this many calories a day ??. . What I want you to pay attention to here is: (1) how I’m carrying myself and (2) the difference between bone vs. muscle. (1) On the left, my shoulders are hunched, my back is to the camera and based on memory, I know I was NOT smiling. On the right, my shoulders are back, chest up, and I’m SMILING proud ?. (2) On the left, I have “shape” only because I’m so thin that you can see my bones. Had the lighting been different, you would have seen my full rib cage. On the right, I am lean but strong, shapely and sculpted ?! . If you want shape / tone / or that tight sculpted bikini look, you will not get it by starving yourself. Nothing good will come from starving yourself. By not eating enough calories, you starving your body and mind, ultimately sabotaging your own progress. Sorry not sorry for the rant. Girl got passion ??. See you on the live stream!

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