Fitness-kaunotar paljasti takapuolensa: ”Tässä on aito peppu!”

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Amerikkalainen kuntovalmentaja, kehonkuvan parantaja ja ravinto-ohjaaja Shelby Eckard haluaa toimia tavallisten ihmisten esikuvana. Naisen pääasiallisena tavoitteena on parantaa ihmisten minäkuvaa ja myönteisiä mielikuvia kehostaan. Nyt hän esittelee oman takapuolensa seuraajilleen.

– Minulla kesti kauan ymmärtää, että jokainen vartalo on yhtä aito. Aidoissa takapuolissa on muhkuroita ja raskausarpia, ne voivat olla litteitä tai pulleita, mutta ne ovat silti aitoja ja kauniita. Sosiaalinen media pakottaa meitä vertailemaan omaa kehoa naurettaviin stereotypioihin, atlantalainen Shelby Eckard kirjoittaa Instagramissa.

Hän haluaa muistuttaa kaikkia siitä, että ihmisten ei kannata tavoitella ulkonäkönsä suhteen epärealistisia lopputuloksia. Shelbyn mukaan ihminen on kauneimmillaan silloin, kun hän rakastaa itseään. Nainen haluaa myös toitottaa kaikille, että ihmisen tulisi olla ennemmin terve kuin laiha – ja se on tavoite mihin kannattaa tähdätä.

I was scrolling through Instagram and noticing so many pictures of boobs and butts and all their "perfection". I got thinking about my own body. How the old me would have taken a screen shot and sent it to my BFF and texted something like "#goals" along with it- setting myself up for unrealistic and downright discouraging self talk and comparison. It took me a long time to understand that all bodies are real bodies. Real butts that have dimples and stretch marks and are flat or fat or non perky are just as real and beautiful as the ridiculous stereotypes social media shows us and tells us to compare ourselves to. Sure, perky, round big boobs pushed together in amazing cleavage are cool. But real boobs that aren't as ample or high in altitude and hang or sag or droop are beautiful, too. If you're offended by my ass or boobs, the dimples and stretch marks on them, so be it. But this is real to me, and it's beautiful. Just as good as any other. And I refuse to scroll through social media searching for #goals body parts when mine are pretty damn good on their own- marks and bumps and sags and all. #allbodiesaregoodbodies #selflove #healthyisthenewskinny #allbodiesarebeautiful (also, it's just a butt. Get over it ?) #selfloveisthebestlove #bopo #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodyconfidence #bopowarrior #nobodyshame #beautybeyondsize #nowrongway #pcos #bodyacceptance #edwarrior

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Oh hey. So update to those people who seem to be following along. Yes- I posted my ass on Instagram. No- it was not for attention. It was a decision made after personally scrolling and feeling defeated by images on my own explore page that I felt like saying, "fuck it. Here's a not so perfect/round/unblemished body. Yes- I realize I have hard nips,. No- I did NOT realize that before posting. ?No- I did not do it for men. Fun fact- my followers are 98% female. If I had to attempt to track a man follower down, it'd be impossible among my sea of beautiful bootyful babes followers. #heygirliseeyou No- I don't regret it. Yes- I respect myself. No- I don't care what others think. Yes- you're allowed your opinion and judgment No- your opinions and judgement won't change how I feel about myself or my decision. And finally- get over it. It's just a butt. It's just some boobs. Look at the mess of a world we're in and rethink how important it is to tell some chick on the internet to put her butt away.your time could be better spent maybe, solving the climate change issue or making positive, impactful changes in your home or your community. I will continue to share my storY, cheeks and all, if it helps one other person feel less alone. So trolls, it's time to return to your bridges or private accounts. You came, you saw my booty, you judged and made comments, now go work on yo damn self. ✌? &❤&?

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