Fitnesstähden rehellinen kuvakollaasi – palautuminen ei ole helppoa

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Australialainen fitnesstähti ja kunto-ohjaaja Emily Skye on toiminut pitkään monien ihmisten tukena elämänmuutoksen keskellä ja antanut miljoonille myös inspiraatiota hänen fitness-aiheisten kuviensa avulla. Skye on kuusi viikkoa sitten synnyttänyt esikoisensa ja yrittää nyt itsekin karistaa raskauskiloja vyötäröltään.

Emily Skye julkaisi hänen Instagram-kanavallaan upean kuvakollaasin, jossa nähdään miten hänen vartalonsa on muuttunut vuoden aikana. Kuvissa nähdään naisen vartalo juuri ennen raskautta, raskauden loppuvaiheilla ja kuukausi synnytyksen jälkeen.

Skye kertoo rakastaneensa vartaloaan ennen raskautta, mutta toteaa kuitenkin rakastavansa sitä jopa vielä enemmän nyt. Nainen on kuitenkin kertonut haluavansa jälleen treenata itsensä kuntoon. Hän on huomannut, että palautuminen ei ole niin helppoa kuin moni muu fitnesstähti on sosiaalisessa mediassa antanut ymmärtää.

Emily Skye esittelee uusimmassa julkaisussaan vatsaansa ja kertoo, että raskaus jätti jälkensä hänen kehoonsa. Hän sai raskausarpia, ylimääräistä rasvaa, roikkuvan vatsan ja selluliittia. Skye myöntää, että vanhan kunnon saaminen takaisin edellyttää kovaa työtä, johdonmukaisuutta ja kärsivällisyyttä.

So much has changed in only a year! 😱😃 I loved my body before I got pregnant but I love it even more now! 😃🙌🏼 I think it’s so crazy how big my belly was at the end of my pregnancy! . Isn’t the human body incredible!! What we’re capable of absolutely blows my mind. My body isn’t just supporting my own life but it grew a human – and still is! I’m so proud of what my body has done and continues to do for my precious daughter. Mothers are absolutely amazing and we should all be so proud of ourselves! Being a mother isn’t easy in many ways which I’m now starting to experience and the last thing I’m going to do is pressure myself to “bounce back” quickly or beat myself up because my body hasn’t returned to my pre-baby condition. It’s totally unrealistic for me to expect to “bounce back” from having my beautiful big belly to a flat and lean tummy in a short amount of time. I choose to celebrate my body and how incredible it is in any condition, shape (or size) and I choose to focus on being my best mentally and physically for my daughter Mia – and my priority definitely isn’t looking a certain way. . I just want to get fit and healthy again and I know that will take time, consistency and patience and it’s important for me to be realistic about my goals. 😊 . I can’t wait to start my own FIT program after I get clearance from my Doc next week! Who’s joining me? 😃 Lets do this together! 👊🏼 . ✨ Trial my new FIT Program for FREE for 7 days – Link in my profile or go to: ✨ . . @emilyskye_ig . .

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🤱🏼 #6weekspostpartum My BEFORE photos: The start of my NEW post-pregnancy fitness journey! 😃🙌🏼 . I’m now 6 weeks postpartum and my OB has given me the all clear to return to full training – providing I listen to my body and don’t go too hard too fast. I’m so excited to be able to start my own FIT Program now! I’m going to start with the home workouts until Mia is 8 weeks old and can go in the crèche at the gym and then I can do the gym workouts. 😃 I want to hold myself accountable so I thought posting these do just that! Considering I’ve been used to being fit and lean all year round for several years my body now is VERY different and I’m roughly 10kg heavier than I was pre-baby. I don’t believe weight is important and it’s more about being healthy and feeling good so I’m not going to be focussed on the number on the scale. I’m actually quite happy with how I’m looking and feeling so far but I know I can be a lot better; fitter, stronger, healthier and leaner. It isn’t a race though, I’m not trying to get back in shape as fast as I can, I’m just going to take the time I need to work my way there and do what makes me happiest and feeling my best. ☺️👍🏼 . I am going to do this! I just need to keep myself motivated and on track every single day. Nobody is gong to do it for me. It’s up to me. ☺️👊🏼 . . ✨ Trial my new FIT Program for FREE for 7 days – Link in my profile or go to: ✨ . . @emilyskye_ig . .

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For me this whole “snap back” idea is unrealistic – it’s taking me hard work, consistency and patience. I’ve got a saggy belly, extra body fat, cellulite, stretch marks & I’ve lost a lot of muscle but my abs are still under there when I flex my butt off haha! 😝 I’m 2 days into my FIT Program and I’m doing the home workouts and I’m feeling absolutely amazing! The endorphins are real! 😃🙌🏼 . Becoming a mum has changed me in so many ways. Some changes are positive and some could be seen as negative but I’m choosing to focus on the positives and the things I can control – such as working out and eating healthy. . Many people have told me things like: “your body is ruined” and “your body will never be the same”. – You’re right, it will be BETTER! 😝😃 . The best strength you can have in my opinion is mental strength and I’m much stronger mentally than I’ve ever been and I believe I can do whatever I set my mind to. I WILL get fit and strong again and I’m gonna have a rockin bod to match! Watch me!!… or even better JOIN ME! Let’s do this together! 👊🏼😉 . ✨ Trial my new FIT Program for FREE for 7 days – Link in my profile or go to: ✨ . . @emilyskye_ig | @emilyskyefitness . . #6weekspostpartum #fitmum

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