Nämä kuvat todistavat – heitä vaaka roskiin ja katso peiliin

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Sosiaalisessa mediassa leviää parhaillaan hashtag #ScrewTheScale, joka todistaa, että ihmisen hyvinvointi ja terveys ei näy vaa’asta. Netinkäyttäjät ovat ryhtyneet julkaisemaan havainnoillistavia kuvia siitä, kuinka vähän kilomäärät kertovat vartalosta.

Painoindeksin seuraaminen on hieman vanhanaikainen tapa tarkastella ihmisen kehon hyvinvointia. Tosiasia on, että lihas painaa läskiä enemmän, eikä vaa’alla ole välttämättä mitään tekemistä kehon ulkonäön kanssa. Saman verran painavat ihmiset voivat näyttää todella erilaisilta.

#ScrewTheScale-hashtagin takaa löytyy kuvia, joissa ihmiset ovat lisänneet elopainoaan, mutta pienentäneet vaatekokoaan. Painon sijaan ihmisten tulisi kiinnittää laihduttamisessa tai kiinteytymisessä huomiota ruokavalioon, kuntoilutottumuksiin ja mielen hyvinvointiin. Keho voi aina kokonaisvaltaisesti paremmin, mikäli on sinut itsensä kanssa.

weight shouldn’t really mean anything but ive included it to make a point – that skinny doesn’t equate to happiness. also don’t think ive ever shared the pic on the left before… I remember taking it as a progress shot tho after a few months of starting my “fitness journey”. it was very early 2016 & id lost about half a stone !!! (half a stone I didn’t need to lose lol) so was a bit underweight. I was basically just restricting my food and running a lot, hence why I have minimal muscle/strength. I genuinely fell into the trap of thinking if the weight on the scale went down id be happier and have the physique of my ~dreams~. little did I know lol. very silly and incorrect. thankfully I got out of the negative restrictive cycle, learned to lift weights, fell back in ❤️ with food and gained some much needed weight and never looked back. also discovered that *fitness* does more than just change your body and started looking after my actual health too rather than just chasing a certain “look”. admittedly my transformation might not seem like the most dramatic of things but sometimes it’s not about that. and also I think ive managed to grow a fair bit of muscle for a smol person, increase my strength and am mentally in a far better place – which is the most important thing IMO. also slowwww and steady wins the race ☺️🤗 happy sundays 💛 . #transformation #fitnessprogress #fitnesstransformation #transformationtuesday

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The scale is a broad metric for fitness but it’s only one metric. Your body composition is what matters and photos can really help you be objective about your progress. Doesn’t mean you should not consider weight as well; just be honest with yourself but don’t obsess over one metric alone. Before is 2016 after is April 2018. I’m only about 8lbs difference here between the two photos; what the scale doesn’t show is fat loss vs muscle gain. I don’t miss those lb of fat but I do miss he tan! 😆☀️ can’t wait to be in Phoenix in the sun next week! #gymlife #keto #ketogenic #lowcarb #lchf #ketosis #lowcarbhighfat #paleo #glutenfree #healthylifestyle #fitness #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #weightlifting #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #lifting #shirtlessguys #muscle #muscles #gym #instafit #ketofam #bodybuilding #fitlife #gains #screwthescale #transformationthursday

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#TBT to 5 seconds ago when I changed my leggings from being no bueno to a-ok 👌🏻. I hear a lot of my clients say that they’re not happy in their clothes, and it’s frustrating as heck. Unfortunately I feel that a lot of what we are trying to fit into isn’t accommodating to a muscular strong female physique. If you feel strong, are making changes to your body and a pair of pants can suck all of that positivity down the drain in an instant—-get out of those pants!!! Wear clothes that make you feel confident, comfortable (no this doesn’t mean your husbands basketball shorts and his oversized sweatshirt) and celebrates your sexy self #YesISaidSexy . #ScrewTheScale and getcha some high waisted leggings so you can #RockYourCurves

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#ScrewTheScale 💥2 POUND DIFFERENCE! If you’ve followed my transformations for awhile you know I often say I’ve been “skinnier” on this fitness journey, and that is shown in the middle photo. I was on my way to my “goal” weight and feeling good! Only issue is I had competing goals…. you can’t be working out to grow muscle and get stronger and also be worried about a low scale weight… So my “goal” weight was reached and then quickly the scale went back up as I continued working out to grow muscle mass. 💪🏼 Now, here I am, only 2 pounds less than my starting weight and feeling GREAT! I am seeing the muscle definition I wanted and have the body I thought was only achievable if I was “skinny enough” 🙅🏼‍♀️ I have been tracking my weight in @myfitnesspal since 2010 and I had to check the date & weight on that middle photo 5 times because I just couldn’t believe that there was almost 20lbs difference from then and now. 🤗 My advice is always the same – take progress photos, take a lot and take them often. It’s the better and frankly healthier way to measure your progress!! 💕 . . . #sweat12WC #pwrprogram #pwrful #kelseywellspwr #pwr #pwrprogress #bbgprogress #12weekchallenge #fitnesschallenge #bbggirl #fitfam #fitchick #bbgsisters #bbggirls #toneitup #tiucommunity #lovemyshape #tiugirl #beforeandafter #weightlossbeforeandafter #ditchthescale #sweatwithkayla #transformation #chickswholift #chicksthatlift #liftlikeagirl #strongnotskinny #transformationtuesday

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Restriction vs. b a l a n c e ☯️ If you know me, you've probably heard me say "F@#$ the scale" on more than a few occasions and THIS is why 👏🏼 before getting to my heaviest & unhappiest weight post-grad, I was obsessed with the scale during college. ⚖️ Burning myself out on the treadmill multiple times a day, restricting my meals to a few fiber bars, soup, and steamed vegetables all because being in the "120s" meant more to me than being healthy… now I'm 20 lbs heavier but I kinda feel I look a million times better 😏#noshame (not to mention FEELING better 🤸🏼‍♀️). But let me just say ✋🏼 I'm not posting these numbers for comparison or negative comments, but because it shows a number is jusssst that – and to SHOW YOU that there's a way to feel & look your best without running yourself into the ground 🙏🏼 my April #BEACHPLEASE 🌊🐚 Bootcamp starts Monday if you're ready to give a hair flip to those old habits too 🤘🏼 (link in bio or shoot me a love note 💌)

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