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Suomalainen mallikaunotar Jessica Edström valittiin vuonna 2013 äänivyöryllä GTI-tytöksi. Lisäksi hän on sijoittunut toiseksi Seiskan tähtityttö -kilpailussa. Ensikerran vaaleaverikkö päätyi paparazzikuviin Miamiassa jo vuosia sitten ollessaan rannalla julkkisystävänsä Claudia Romanin kanssa.

Paparazzikuvien lisäksi Jessica julkaisee itsekin upeita kuvia itsestään sosiaalisessa mediassa.

Jessica Edström on työskennellyt baarimikkona ja hän kirjoittaa omaa suomenruotsalaisen blondin blogiaan verkossa. Näyttävä kaunotar on työskennellyt lisäksi sirkusammattilaisena Australiassa. Kaunotar suurensi muutama vuosi sitten kuppikokoaan A-kupista DD-kuppiin.

Wish I was in 🇨🇱

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Don't be so shy 🌼

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⤵️ DeepThoughts ♾ Dj Avicii's death made me really sad (I keep on believing he's not dead, Avicii is dead but not Tim Bergling) but it also made me reminded of what our limited time of life really is about. ❤ Life is about having a damn awesome time. To everyday TRY to have a GOOD time. To always see the good in the smallest things. It's a bit crazy to say this but since 2010 I've always felt and could tell myself "if I die tomorrow, I can die HAPPY". It doesn't mean I wanna die, nonoNO there's so much more to this life than what I've seen and experienced, but what I feel is that I HAVE (and ARE) living a LIFE. An awesome life. I did (and still do) exactly what I want. I've done what I wanted at least once and if I liked it I've done it twice (traveling obviously a million times). I seen places, I've met ppl, I stepped out of my comfort zones with curiosity in search for more, I've explored and experienced, I've lived a life I'm incredibly happy with and it makes me feel IF I would die tomorrow I wouldn't die with regrets and sadness over not living . I've fcking lived! I have tried to not save anything for "later", cuz who said later will be a reality? I've had an extremely blessed life, I honestly don't know anyone "luckier" than me, BUT I've created it for myself and nobody can do it for you but anyone can do it for themselves. It's absolutely not about traveling or extreme things, it's about growing and developing yourself. Learning new things. Go out & live. Do whatever the fck you want and like. Take chanses. Be selfish but also a nice human being. Follow your dreams & don't be all blinded by societies expectations. You can do exactly what you wanna do with enough willpower. Trust energy & your gut feeling. Listen to your soul. Be open minded. Don't judge. Spread good vibes, half naked or with clothes on. Smile laugh & love as much as you can. Live live live fcking live, live like if it would be your last. Ask yourself the same question – IF I died tomorrow, would I feel ok with what I've done, for myself and my own happiness, with my xx years on this earth? If yes, you're damn awesome. If no, my friend you better get going and do what you gonna do. 💥

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