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Nettivideoiden kuvaaminen on vaatinut viime vuosina kuolonuhreja kiihtyvään tahtiin siinä missä myös selfie-kuvien ottaminen. Nyt kolme tubettajaa on kuollut Kanadassa Shannon Fallsin alueella pudottuaan vesiputoukseen kohtalokkain seurauksin.

There is no feeling like watching the news and thinking, oh shit!! and then people telling you, “I thought of you” when you hear about hikers who fell over one of the pools of a huge local waterfall. • And then there is no feeling like getting messages from friends saying it’s actually people that you know. • Although I didn’t personally know the three people who went over, they were best friends of friends that I know. Vancouver is a pretty small community but I’m from Richmond, which is about 20 minutes from Vancouver, and it is a city where everybody knows everybody, which is where these guys were from 😓😓 • They were huge social media influencers, and they were local which was even more cool. • It’s a huge loss for the community and my heart goes out to their family and friends 💔 @mindy @rykergamble @wanderlust #highonlife

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Kuolleet olivat suositun kanadalaisen High on Life -kanavan sisällöntuottajia, jotka seikkailivat ympäri maailmaa ja julkaisivat kuvia ja videoita verkossa. Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh ja Megan Scraper olivat poliisin mukaan tiistaina vesiputouksen yläpuolella, kun he ajautuivat jostain syystä väärään paikkaan ja putosivat vesiputoukseen noin 30 metrin matkan.

Do NOT attempt to go here right now! . I just read in the news today that 3 people died from falling near these pools at Shannon Falls. It caused my heart to sink. Why were they even there? . Previously only known to rock climbers, they've blown up in recent years, fuelled recently by a new guidebook detailing exact directions on how to get to them. . These pools are only safely accessible under really specific conditions. The year I took this photo we'd experienced one of the driest winters on record, which meant there was very little snow to melt up high. This was taken in mid June. Shannon Falls from below was barely a trickle so we knew the pools above could be safely accessed. . This year, these pools might never become safe to enter as we've had a big winter so the water levels might stay high until we are getting close to winter again. . Add to this that the water is close to unbearably cold. Even on a dry year the water is still fresh glacier melt. The air temperature needs to be above 25'c/77'f to not start shivering within minutes of being in them. . Do not go here right now! They are not safe. They likely won't be safe until closer to the end of August or September, and by then the days will be shorter and colder and these pools won't be enjoyable to hang out in. . If you are thinking of going, before beginning the hike, look at Shannon Falls from below. If it is anything more than just a trickle running down the rocks then don't go, it won't be safe and not worth risking your life for. . #explorebc #dailyhivevan #shannonfalls #uppershannonfalls #skywalker #stayandwander @dailyhivevancouver #wildernessculture @wilderness_culture #chasingsunrise #collectivelycreate #visualscollective #theimaged #discoverearth #visualsofearth #YourShotPhotographer #mountainstories #hypebeast #openmyworld #hbouthere #artofvisuals #exploretocreate #featuremeofh #lifewelltravelled #gearednomad #peoplescreative #letdgosomewhere #theearthoutdoors #lifeofadventure #finditliveit #beautifuldestinations

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Vancouver Sun -lehden saamien tietojen mukaan Scraper oli liukastunut ensimmäisenä ja pudonnut siksi alas. Kollegat Gamble ja Lyakh olivat yrittäneet auttaa Scraperia, mutta pudonneet itsekin. High on Life -kanavalla on YouTubessa yli puoli miljoonaa tilaajaa ja Instagramissa yli miljoona seuraajaa. Tapauksesta kertoivat ryhmän muut jäsenet YouTube-kanavalla julkaisemassaan videossa.