Hämmentävä bikinitrendi leviää – kuin tehty suomalaisnaisille!

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Kerroimme taannoin miten Kardashianin perheen supermalli Kendall Jenner uskaltautui lomallaan bikineissä pakkaseen, jossa ikuistetusta valokuvasta tuli hitti. Kuva yhdistettynä Yhdysvaltoihin iskeneisiin superpakkasiin on nyt saanut aikaan uuden trendin bikinikuviin.

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fuck it’s cold

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Parhaillaan sosiaalisessa mediassa nähdään sadoittain valokuvia, joissa naiset poseeraavat Kendall Jennerin tavoin bikineissä pakkasessa. Trendille on ilmaantunut myös useita hashtageja, joista esimerkiksi #snowbikini kertoo nopeasti mistä on kyse.

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Anyone out there cold and up to their butts in snow? I feel ya. It’s like 2 degrees here right now. But luckily, there’s an easy solution for those winter blues. It’s “Endless Summer” by The Midnight! • This is my favorite outrun album. Of all the synthwave that’s flown onto the scene in the past few years, none quite capture that carefree, retro, summertime feel with as much genuine warmth and honed artistry as this one. They know exactly when to add an electric guitar solo, a burst of sax, a catchy chorus of male and female vocals in harmony…but it’s never overdone. The doses of each of those elements is distributed carefully over the record for maximum impact. There’s definitely a line in this genre – especially towards the sun drenched beach pop like this – where the music ceases to be honest and becomes parody. This is the strongest example of the exact opposite of that. It feels like a genuine artifact, a record that fell under the seat in the back of Doc Brown’s DeLorean before a trip to 2016. • And so that’s what you get when you listen to this thing, or even hold it in your hands like I am here. You get an Endless Summer, even in the face of Winter Storm Harper (which, fun fact, was named after Valerie Harper from the sitcom “Rhoda”). Fact of the matter is, I was gonna throw this on inside but I started to get SO hot that I had to change into my bikini and go outside just to get my body back to a normal temperature. And boy was it windy when I took this, too. But I felt like a little sausage biscuit under the heat lamp at a Sheetz. You can’t even store this next to your other records because it’ll warp them all, that’s how friggin’ HOT it is. In fact, NASA has actually started using it to induce exothermic phase changes in lab settings. Instead of generating heat through conventional means, they just throw this record on and BAM! you’re launching rockets. • So are you cold right now? You won’t be for long. The Midnight has you covered, and as soon as that chorus in “Sunset” drops or that sax in “Vampires” gets going, the winter of your discontent is gonna melt right away.

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