Big Brotherin povipommi Ruotsissa – julkaisi heti alastonkuvan kylvystä

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Viime vuosien DJ-supertähtien buumi on tuottanut markkinoille valtavan määrän uusia DJ-tähteydestä haaveilevia miehiä ja myös naisia. Eräs heistä on brittikaunotar Ashley James, joka tunnetaan kotimaassaan radioäänenä ja mallina. Ja taannoin myös Big Brother -tähtenä.

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Splish splash I was taking a bath. 💦 A combination of travelling a lot and being injured has left me a lil less toned than I usually am, but am I less able of having fun? No. I've had the best few months of my life. Do I still feel desirable? Absolutely yes. Does anyone around me notice the difference? Probably not. Is it absolutely normal for people to have rolls? Abso-bloody-lutely. ❣️ The funny thing is, most people won't look at this and think anything negative about my body at all. I think it's why it's worth being mindful of the energy you put out when talking about insecurities. (Although you should ALWAYS talk to loved ones about this, they will always pick you up! I mean more don't feel the need to do it to strangers). Pointing out your perceived flaws about your appearance draws people's attention to things they wouldn't necessarily see or notice. But I just wanted to make the point that it's normal to beat yourself up or have low days some days. Self-love is a journey and no one loves themselves all the time. I've felt a bit out of sorts as I've been letting my natural hair grow out to get it healthy, and because the travelling has left me out of a routine with eating, exercise, my nails are grown out etc. It's easy to let self-loathing take over and project it onto the outside. Remind yourself you are beautiful and worthy, and don't let your own perceptions knock your confidence or make you settle for anything other than what you deserve. ❣️ I'm looking forward to getting back into a healthy routine with food and exercise, I just want to remind you (as much as myself), not to let your perception of your body prevent you from living your life and having fun. We're all going to look back in a few years and wish we were grateful for the body we had now. We're all worthy of love, fun, and desire HOWEVER we look for whatever reason. And also just a reminder that this same body can be in a different position and look toned. 💁🏼‍♀️ Also, I really need to copy these bathroom interiors. Now that I'm leaving for the airport, I'll show you how amazing our hotel @haymarketbyscandic was on my stories. 🇸🇪 #selflove #stockholm #bathroomgoals

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Big Brotherin julkkisversiosta tuttu kurvitar on nyt suunnannut Ruotsiin, josta hän poseerasi saman tien alastomana kylpyammeessa. Hän kommentoi päivityksessään vartaloaan ja sen suhdetta elämään ja hauskanpitoon sekä muistuttaa miten paljon ylimääräistä energiaa vie huolestuminen omasta vartalosta. Siksi Ashley kannustaakin naisia olemaan sellaisia kuin he ovat luonnostaan.

Ashley James vetää nykyisin omaa radio-ohjelmaansa perjantaisin suositussa Hoxton Radiossa. Hänestä on muodostunut ohjelmansa ja upean ulkonäkönsä ansiosta julkkiskaunotar varsinkin kotimaassaan Britanniassa, mutta viime aikoina hänet on huomioitu myös muualla maailmassa.