Charly Jordanin timmi takapuoli kilpaili huomiosta

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Yhdysvaltalainen Instagram-mallikaunotar Charly Jordan lienee suomalaisille vielä melko tuntematon tuttavuus, mutta hänellä on sosiaalisessa mediassa jo puolitoista miljoonaa seuraajaa ja määrä kasvaa koko ajan nopeasti. Kuvankaunis bikinikaunotar poseeraa usein näyttävissä kuvissa.

Äskettäin Charly ja kolme ystäväänsä makoilevat alastomina suppilautojen päällä, ja nyt vuodenvaihteen kunniaksi Jordan on julkaissut kuluneen vuoden kuumimman kuvasarjansa myös sosiaalisessa mediassa seuraajiensa iloksi. Siinä hän poseeraa useissa kuvissa yläosattomissa.

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This is hands-down the most intense tool picture I’ve ever posted/will ever post. I promise there’s a story to it 😂 three years ago I came out to LA and met with every major agency, they all turned me down and told me I was too muscular. That I needed to lose 10 pounds of muscle. So I built this platform on my own, because I knew what they were saying was wrong. As women growing up especially in high school it becomes very apparent what men are attracted to. Even as we get older wearing skirts, dresses, make up, doing our hair… It all inconveniences being able to function, and move/work out. So many girls won’t even enjoy getting in the ocean or the pool in fear of their hair getting wet or their make up coming off. For me it’s been worth it to sacrifice looking a certain way, or compromising what other people think of me to keep my body healthy and enjoy my life. We see a lot of tiny waists, plastic surgery, done up women, and what we consider to be our best/ most attractive selves on Instagram. But I’d like to challenge everybody this year to post what’s impressive to them, not just what looks good. I’m proud of my years of athleticism and I’m not gonna let what I’m supposed to look like get in the way of what actually feels good. Being strong feels good, being able to defend myself feels good, (even though I’m super insecure about my chest and debate getting implants every day) having small tits feels good lol, being me feels good. It makes me so sad how insecure so many women are based off societies expectations of them. I just want you guys to love yourself, and I know it’s easier said than done. But let’s make 2020 a year of love. Self love, love towards everybody regardless of what they look like, and love towards this earth. Tryna get these ads done by the end of this month tho still lol… Top from @revolve 😂

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Los Angelesissa asuva Charly Jordan on viime aikoina julkaissut näyttäviä bikinikuviaan sosiaalisessa mediassa. Taannoin Charly nähtiin sosiaalisessa mediassa poseeraamassa videolla hyvin pienissä keltaisissa bikineissä, eikä meno ole sen jälkeen juuri muuttunut.