Entinen lapsitähti kuoli juoksulenkillä 25-vuotiaana

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Nanny McPhee – satumainen lastenvahti -elokuvassa vuonna 2005 esiintynyt lapsinäyttelijä Raphaël Coleman on tuupertunut perjantaina 7. helmikuuta maahan kesken juoksulenkin. Häntä ei saatu enää elvytettyä. Mies oli 25-vuotias.

Raphaël Colemanin isäpuoli Carsten Jensen on sanonut, että miehellä ei ollut terveysongelmia ennen kuolemaa. Mies esitti lastenelokuvassa Eric-nimistä poikaa seitsemän lapsen perheestä. Sittemmin hänet tunnettiin aktiivisena miehenä erilaisten harrastusten, luonnon ja matkailun parissa.

Colemanin perhe asuu Kööpenhaminassa. Mies tunnettiin myös käyttäjänimellä Iggy Fox.

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THIS IS NOT A HAPPY PICTURE – follow the link in my bio to see the full video story for @thewildwork. I'm proud of the animal rehabilitation work I do. But the reality is that this picture is only possible because of the trauma and abuse this animal suffered in the illegal wildlife trade. . Meet Biton. He's a rescued alpha male red howler monkey. He lives and is cared for in semi-captivity at Ambue Ari wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation centre, run by Bolivian NGO Comunidad @Inti_Wara_Yassi. Although Biton does this of his own accord with bonded keepers, it's only achievable safely with extensive training, study and experience. Do NOT buy into animal attractions, wildlife ownership and tourist 'animal selfie' culture. This is exactly what put Biton here in the first place. . An ideal world is one where this kind of picture is never taken, because wildlife rehab isn't necessary. A world where monkeys, Jaguars, rhinos, elephants, pangolins, and all the rest are safe, free from exploitation and abuse. . The way we reach that world is by: – getting educated about the illegal wildlife trade and telling people about it – finding out where the stuff you buy comes from: is the source legal? Ethical? Sustainable? Fair? – REFUSING to buy wild animals and plants. . No pets, no parts, no gifts – leave them in nature, where they belong. . Have you ever seen evidence of suspected animal trafficking or abuse? Tell us about it below ⬇️ . #wildlifecrime #animalselfie

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Some people spend their entire lives trying to find bliss. I'm lucky enough to have found mine. It's just hard for some to understand that it doesn't depend on people. With Jake, a suspected pure @wolfsanctuaryco. Photo kindly taken by lead animal caretaker Michelle Proulx. PLEASE NOTE – taken in captivity with human-habituated animals and professional handlers. Do not attempt to recreate without training or in a wild setting. Nikon D3200, 2017. – – – #animallove #lovewolves #wolflove #bonding #wolfsanctuaryco #coloradoneedswolves #coloradowildlife #wildlifevolunteering #animalsanctuary #wildlifesanctuary #wolfsanctuary #wolflovers #wolvesforlife #whitewolf #animalhandler #animalcaretaker #captivewolves #wolfdogsarenotpets #themissinghowl

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AT DØ UNGDer er vel ikke noget, der får en til at opleve døden som så uretfærdig og meningsløs, som når et ungt…

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Rest In Peace to Iggy Fox of XR ❤️ from ExtinctionRebellion