Tony Hawk joutui skeittionnettomuuteen – julkaisi kivuliaan näköisen röntgenkuvan

Viihdeuutiset · Tim Isokivi

Skeittilegenda Tony Hawkin ura on jatkunut jo vuosikymmenten ajan. Tämä ei kuitenkaan tarkoita sitä, etteikö hänkin joutuisi toisinaan onnettomuuksiin lautaillessaan.

Tony Hawk joutui onnettomuuteen lauantaina skeitatessaan poikansa ja ystäviensä kanssa tyhjässä uima-altaassa. 52-vuotias tähti kiidätettiin onnettomuuden jäljiltä sairaalaan. Lääkärit joutuivat TMZ-sivuston mukaan leikkaamaan Hawkin vihkisormuksen poikki voidakseen korjata hänen sormensa.

– Löysin yhtäkkiä itseni maasta. Sormeni olivat taipuneet aivan uusiin suuntiin, Hawk kuvailee onnettomuustilannetta.

Ammattilaisskeittaaja julkaisi myöhemmin Instagramissa röntgenkuvan kädestään. Kivuliaan näköisestä kuvasta ilmenee, kuinka pahasti miehen sormet olivatkaan todella taipuneet onnettomuudessa.


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We had a chance to skate a legendary backyard pool yesterday thanks to @ozzie_ausband, so I brought my oldest son Riley and our friend Chris. I rarely get to skate with Riley anymore because we ride different terrain, and lately we are both busier than ever trying to run businesses in the most challenging of times. Ozzie invited Eddie Elguera (a childhood hero) to join, so our crew spanned three generations of skateboarding. I joked that Eddie is the reason Riley grabs his nose on backside airs because I learned that technique by watching him, and Riley learned it by watching me. The pool was smaller than I anticipated so I didn’t wear full pads, likening it to a miniramp. We were having a blast, and at one point I actually gave advice to Eddie on doing a frontside rock (one of his signature tricks, and my first “advanced” move as a kid). The session was fun until I did a backside smith stall as a set up for a backside blunt, and suddenly found myself on the flat bottom with my fingers bending in new directions. The coping was huge and I paid the price by hanging up on my back truck. In that moment, I regretted not wearing full pads. Ironically, that wouldn’t have saved me from injury but I was being too cavalier to think that a wall over 8’ with vert was as “safe” as a mini-ramp. The session came to a screeching halt, and Riley drove me to the hospital like Ricky Bobby with a cougar in the backseat. Upon being admitted, a nurse checked my fingers and said they looked “dusky.” That expedited my care, and I was immediately assigned to a room as an x-ray machine arrived. Apparently, “dusky” is the color of extreme circulation loss. Within 30 mins, my fingers were back in place, and no longer dusky. I write this because today I am filled with divergent emotions: sadness from scaring my son & friends, regret from being cocky / careless, grateful from having an injury that could have been worse, and frustrated that I never got a backside blunt… as my skater ego endures. As pro skaters, we accept that injuries are inevitable and perseverance is key to success. But it still sucks to get hurt, especially at my age. And I’ll still be back for more 📷 @williamsharpimages

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