Miehellä oma suihkuralli – pyrkii vieraiden kylpyammeisiin

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Suositussa Posse-nimisessä televisio-ohjelmassa on hauska osio, jossa kaksi joukkuetta kisaavat siitä kumpiko joukkue päästetään useampaan vieraan henkilön kotiin suihkuun. Lisäpisteitä saa siitä jos kodin asukkaat suostuvat suihkuun mukaan. Nyt eräs mies on päättänyt toteuttaa oman henkilökohtaisen suihkurallinsa.

Koko tammikuun ajan Ken Ferguson -niminen mies haluaa päästä vieraiden ihmisten kylpyhuoneisiin. Suihkujen sijaan miehellä on kuitenkin tavoitteena löytää koteja, joissa on myös kylpyamme. Metro-lehden mukaan Fergusonin tavoitteena on päästä kylpemään tuntemattomien ihmisten kylpyammeisiin tammikuun ajan jokaisena päivänä.

Ken Ferguson dokumentoi hänen erikoista kylpyammeprojektiaan koko tammikuun ajan. Omituiselta vaikuttava tilanne näyttäytyy kuvissa kuitenkin hämmentävän luonnolliselta ja hauskalta kun mies on ottanut mukaansa erilaista rekvisiittaa ja leluja vieraiden ihmisten kylpyhuoneisiin.

January 14th, 2017 I visited a good friend of mine whom I've become closer with while exchanging and trading and relying on each other through Bunz. Both of us actors, Amy Lester and I have fed each other, helped keep each other's heads up in the tough world of acting and the arts and made each other laugh to no end. We talked about the rough world of auditions and having to work so many different jobs and just updated each other on our lives and dreamed up possible routines to collaborate on for clown work. This project has been great for introducing me to new people and expanding these connections, but also deepening ones that I already had, with old and new friends reaching out to me. Amy and I hadn't see. Each other for a while so we decided that we would be high class and full of sass! If you have a friend you haven't talked to for a while or someone you just want to make aware that you appreciate them, do it. We all need friends and company from time to time. @amyjalltheway #bathtubsofbunz #bunz #bunz4ever @bunzcity #weirdo #clean #baths #relax #newyear #newyearnewme #2017 #jan14th #toronto #lovetoronto

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January 13th, 2017 I ventured to the house of recently graduated art students Lena and Max. I cooked them breakfast in exchange for the bath. They decorated the washroom to be cottage country living and brought me a taxidermy goose, put a discarded Christmas tree in there and played some soothing nature sounds on Lena's laptop. They informed me that they had two bathtubs and the ideas for the video and the pictures resulted. We are soooo artsy. We talked about break ups, the two of them both having recently gone through them, and how much they sick, but also the positive benefits of having more free time for creative outlets and rediscovering oneself. Lena is in a Celtic drumming group and practises various circus arts. Max talked about his French-Mexican heritage and opened up about his father's death and how they share the same laugh and how it was unfortunate that he never got to live with his dad after his dad came out of the closet and seen him with his new partner. We also learned the weird things we can do with our tongues. It was an engrossing conversation and one which brought me closer to two people I had only ever met at a party. They also later hopped into the tub like a tiny, skinny dipping hot tub. Artists, eh? #bathtubsofbunz #bunz #bunz4ever #weirdo #toronto #lovetoronto #newyearnewme #newyear #jan13th #art #clean #baths #relax #letyourfreakflagfly #letyouthairdown

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January 12th, 2017 This was one of the most rewarding days that I have had with this project. When you give yourself to the Internet, you never know who you'll meet or where that will take you. Marianna Miniotis and her boyfriend were total strangers that invited me into their home and lives and were the first people in my Bunz post to invite me over. I feel so honoured to have been the first person that she was able to hang out with after her cervical cancer surgery, rounds of chemotherapy, and a catheter made her more susceptible to infections and kept her indoors and almost bedridden for a month. We talked about her need for more of an isolated existence during this process and the hardships of cancer, including her hair loss. We talked about her childhood, family, working in restaurants, school, and living in Greece. We discussed languages and our abilities in them, funny stories that we've accumulated, her job, her cats, which were both adorable, their relationship, and my boyfriend, and they asked me lots of questions about who I was and why I was doing this. They told me they could tell I wasn't a creep even through the Internet and without knowing me because of a light and energy to the pictures I had posted. They were so hospitable, and even made me dinner, where we made a toast to her good health and the hope that on the 18th the tests will show no cancer. We talked about how her boyfriend felt of her having me over and how he came around to the idea. And, as a result of this, we talked about her safety with this project and inviting me, a strange man, in. And she said something beautiful that touched my heart. She said that we can keep thinking the worst of people and worrying that everything and everyone out in the world is out there to get you, but then you miss out on silly and fun little things like this bathtub project. If you can give a little trust and faith in people the world might surprise you if you're smart about how you do it. They had an amazing Egyptian theme idea, complete with music, so I dressed as a pharaoh. #bathtubsofbunz #bunz #bunz4ever #toronto #lovetoronto #fuckcancer

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January 11th, 2017 Today I ventured to an artist's house for an interview that she had planned for her YouTube channel. Mickie Halpern and I had a great conversation, talking about bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, her background in theatre and comfortable attitude with nudity. We talked about how the perception of the Internet has changed as has the safety, trust, and awareness around it having grown. She had started her YouTube channel when she was 15 and had many people think she was weird because of it. We talked on the safety that a woman doing this project would have, and the safety around a woman hosting me and whether or not that was safe. She wore the most awesome tights and gave me some great tea and our conversation varied a lot with questions about my project and culminated in a "Getting to know Me" tag that she found on the Interwebs that gave rapid fire questions like "What's a favourite memory of childhood of yours?" I said that I remembered really liking jumping in the waves with my sister when we were younger at the cottage we used to rent as a family. It's funny that that was my answer immediately, not even connecting all the water that I have been sitting in the last two weeks. #bathtubsofbunz #bunz #bunz4ever #2017 #newyear #newyearnewme #weirdo #toronto #lovetoronto #letyourhairdown #letyourfreakflagfly #baths #relax #clean #captain #sea #sailor

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