Fitnesstähti paljasti: 3 keinoa saada vatsalihakset esiin

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Australialainen fitnesstähti ja kunto-ohjaaja Emily Skye on todella hyvässä kunnossa. Hänellä on monien ihailemat hyvin erottuvat vatsalihakset, minkä vuoksi hän onkin nyt päättänyt jakaa People Magazine -lehden sivuilla kolme tärkeintä neuvoa timmimmän vatsan saavuttamiseen.

1. Treenaa koko vartaloa

Voimaharjoittelua tulee tehdä koko vartaloon, että vatsalihakset voi saada näkyviin. Rasvaa ei pysty polttamaan vain haluamastaan kohdasta, minkä vuoksi kaikkia lihaksia tulee treenata saadakseen lihasta, polttaakseen rasvaa ja tuodakseen vatsalihakset näkyville.

2. Älä syö valmiiksi pakattuja ruokia

Paras vinkki ruokakauppaa varten on ostaa vain tuoreita raaka-aineita. Näin ollen voi olla varma, että ruoan ravintoarvot ovat kohdallaan eikä niihin ole lisätty sokeria tai säilöntäaineita.

3. Syö tarpeeksi

Liian vähän syöminen on monien ongelma, jonka vuoksi vatsalihaksia ei saada näkyville. Ruokaa tulee syödä paljon ja tarpeeksi usein, että aineenvaihdunta pysyy vilkkaana ja rasva palaa. Ruoan tulee kuitenkin olla puhdasta, ravitsevaa ja sisältää myös hyviä rasvoja. Hampurilaisten syöminen pitkin päivää ei edistä vatsalihasten näkymistä.

I think at some stage we’ve all experienced being in the “misery pit” where we feel we’re stuck and can’t get out. We feel down and unmotivated to train or eat healthy or do ANYTHING. It all seems “too hard” to make changes so we don’t and we just stay there getting more and more miserable. So I thought I’d share a few things I do to get myself out of feeling unmotivated and down: • I have a cry! I allow myself to feel what I feel and do what I feel like doing.. this might be running along the beach, eating chocolate, moping around the house – whatever it is I do it. It does us no good shutting ourselves off and bottling all our feelings up inside. • I do something fun and different. I’m cooking more, getting outdoors, learning to hip hop dance and I’ve been spending time with friends having fun and having a laugh. • Get some perspective and appreciate. I try to look at all the things I DO have and not what I don’t. I realise that people have it so much worse out there. That doesn’t mean that my issues aren’t important but it helps me to see that it’s really not so bad after all. Appreciate the life we have and really take notice of the little things; sunsets and sunrises, the ocean, the trees, birds, butterflies, flowers etc. Most importantly appreciate the people (or pets) in our life. ☺️ • Reevaluate what I’m doing. Do I currently have a goal? If not I create one. It’s easy to feel “down” when we don’t have something to focus on and work towards. • I commit myself to a goal, research, plan and work hard but I allow some “fun time” to do the things I enjoy too! I believe that working hard and smart for things is important but if we don’t have balance and some time off we can easily become stressed, miserable and unmotivated. – These are just some simple things I have done this past couple of weeks that have completely changed my perspective and have helped me get back on track to feeling my positive, motivated self again. It only took me a couple of days of doing this and I was feeling so much better! ☺️ . . @emilyskyefitness .

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My Meal & Exercise programs??Link in bio ~ • Have a goal. • Believe u can achieve it and u deserve it. • Plan how to achieve it & break it down into smaller goals. • Work towards it every day. • Don't give up when times get tough or if u fall or stuff up. • Keep yourself motivated everyday – remind yourself why u want this and how much u want it! • Be proud of every step u take – no matter how big or small! • Don't give up! – Change your plans or adjust your goals if u need to but don't give up! • Remember it's a process, it takes time! • Appreciate everything you've got right now. • Never forget where u started. ?? . @emilyskyefitness @emilyskyebeauty @emilyskyefitness . .

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My meal & exercise programs??Link in bio. ~ Are you loving and caring for yourself so you can feel your best? Do you appreciate everything you have right now? – I think the answer a lot of us might have is "no". It's hard to do isn't it! We seem to naturally focus on what we lack rather than what we already have and it's easier to fall into a negativity pit rather than climb up the "positivity mountain" (like that metaphor? Haha!) – Being "positive" takes more work than being "negative" does and it's something we need to keep on top of every day. A lot of us also have trouble making self care and self love a priority. – Why is that I wonder? I believe that in order to truly love and care for others we need to love and care for ourselves – that way we can be our best for not only ourselves but also our loved ones. Life is so short and precious and we need to make sure we don't waste it and we're grateful for what we have and all that we are. ?? I'm going to make an effort every day to: Love myself wholly. Appreciate and take care of the body I've been given by nourishing it and moving more. Appreciate all that I am rather than focusing on what I'm not. Surround myself with positive, uplifting people. Love others and show kindness and compassion. Be easier on myself – there's no such thing as perfection so I'm not going to best myself up when I'm not. Aim to be the best I can be mentally and physically but also know it's not the end of the world if I'm not. Trying my best at the time is all I can ever do and that is "good enough". Appreciate the life I have; my family and friends and my health and never take any of them for granted. ?? #grateful ? . @emilyskyefitness @emilyskyebeauty @emily_skye2

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