30 sekunnin muodonmuutos – näin paljon ihmisten kuvat huijaavat

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Planking for Pizza -nimistä fitnessblogia pitävä Jess julkaisi Instagram-sivuillaan keinon, jonka avulla jokainen saa litteämmän vatsan vain 30 sekunnin aikana. Jess halusi kuvallaan näyttää ihmisille, että aina ennen ja jälkeen -kuviin ei voi luottaa ja kuka tahansa pystyy ottamaan hyvän edistymiskuvan.

Hyvän edistymiskuvan salaisuus on se, että kuvaaja ottaa ensi mahdollisimman huonon aloituskuvan. Huonossa ryhdissä ja vatsa ulospäin työnnettynä otettu kuva voi saada henkilön näyttämään isommalta kun taas hyvässä kuvakulmassa otettu kuva huomattavasti pienemmältä. Vatsa jännitettynä otettu kuva näyttää huonoryhtisenä otettuun kuvaan verratessa huomattavasti paremmalta, minkä jälkeen 30 sekunnin muutos on valmis.

Jess on innostanut nyt myös muita Instagram-käyttäjiä julkaisemaan oman 30 sekunnin edistymiskuvansa verkossa. Naisen neuvot näyttävät toimineen hyvin sillä kuka tahansa voisi uskoa kuvien olevan oikeita muodonmuutoksia, joiden saavuttamiseen on vuodatettu lukuisia tunteja verta, hikeä ja kyyneleitä.

🚨THIS IS NOT A TRANSFORMATION PHOTO🚨 This is a wake-up call. Not everything you see on social media is "real" I'm joining @workoutbean and @ashfitness917 as well as many other amazing BBG girls in the #30secondbeforeandafter challenge. These photos were taking 30 second apart, 1 pushing my stomach out and one sucking it all in. This journey is ✋🏼NOT about who has the best transformation photo, the best 6-pack, the biggest thigh gap, it's about YOU and YOUR wellness. Don't let the social media "highlight reel" discourage you from achieving your goals. When you take progress photos, take them from the same angle, in similar lighting (when possible) to really see how your body is changing. It's not a game to contort your body and hold your breathe while popping your knee and rotating your hips to get the "perfect" photos. Let's all commit to be 💕real. And always remember this is your own personal journey, don't let anyone else dictate your path. ❤️

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❌THIS IS NOT A TRANSFORMATION PHOTO❌ I've jumped on the #30secondbeforeandafter 🕐 challenge and have decided after much hesitation to share this photo. In the photo on the left I am tilting my pelvis forward, bloating my stomach as much as possible (btw I've got mad bloating skills), hunching my shoulders and slumping. In the photo on the right, I'm standing tall, I'm flexing my stomach, my spine is in proper alignment. Girls, for me this photo really reaffirmed how important it is to take your progress photos with the same posture, lighting, etc. It's not about how big of a transformation you've had. It's not about how skinny you appear to be or how heavy you were when you started your journey. It's not about how you compare to other girls who are on the same week as you. I'll tell you what it IS about: strength, integrity, fortitude–things we strive for each and every day that we wake up and choose to be honest with others, but first and foremost, honest with ourselves about our insecurities, our hopes, our struggles, our triumphs. At first this picture embarrassed me. I wasn't going to share it and I've hung onto it for days debating. I'm doing it now because it's REAL. So jump on the bandwagon or don't–either way, let's work together to keep this community transparent and goal driven! #transformationtuesday #not #honest

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Truth: I was going to TRY and do one of those #30secondbeforeandafter pictures…. HOWEVER, in my bedroom mirror I can honestly not tell a difference in my stomach if I flex or not. Until yesterday, I didn't even realize people were flexing their stomachs in pictures😂😂😂😂 Yes, I'll flex my arms/back for an arm/back picture, but that's really it. Hahaha, I texted my friend @nettybfit and was like, "Wait, people flex when taking progress pictures… They are flexing their stomachs?!?!!" Hahaha I mean, I felt so behind the rest of IG!😂🙈 So today I tried flexing and not flexing… No difference. My guess is because I don't have abs yet.. I need to lose belly fat and then maybe I'll see a difference in flexing vs not!😂😂😂 Annnnd now I know. 🙈 # Even though flexing doesn't show me a difference in abs, I do see a big difference from January to now! And for that,I am proud of myself!!🙌🏼💪🏼 #bbg + #whole30 are a winning combo for me (winning in that I'm making progress)! Bring on the muscles!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 @kayla_itsines #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #kayla_itsines #bbg #thekaylamovement #bbggirls #bbgcommunity #bbgprogress #deathbykayla #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #cantstopwontstop #whole30 #whole30life #whole30approved #lifeafterwhole30 #paleo #progress #goals #cleaneating #cleanwhole30 #progress #transformation #transformationtuesday #transformationthursday

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