Bloggaaja julkaisee alastonkuviaan – saa vihapalautetta liian hyvästä vartalosta

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Jessa O’Brien on julkaissut Instagram-kanavalleen runsaasti alastonkuvia. Naisen pääasiallisimpana tehtävänä on julistaa positiivisempaa kehonkuvaa. Hän haluaa, että kaikilla ihmisillä on oikeus olla omanlaisensa ja näköisensä.

Valitettavasti hoikan ulkonäön omaava Jessa O’Brien on saanut runsaasti vihapalautetta. Naisen ulkonäköä ei ole suoranaisesti haukuttu, mutta osa ihmisistä moittii O’Brienin olevan liian kaunis puolustaakseen kaiken muotoisia ja kokoisia vartaloita. Eräskin palautteenantaja sanoo, että O’Brien voisi jatkaa positiivisen kehonkuvan julistamista sitten, kun hän on synnyttänyt viisi lasta tähän maailmaan.

Totuus kuitenkin on se, että kukaan ei ole oikeutettu kuulemaan olevansa vääränlainen pelkästään vartalonmallinsa perusteella. Osa hoikista ihmisistä saattaa kokea päivittäin arvosteluja ulkonäöstään tyylillä: ”Oletpa laiha!”, vaikka eihän muitakaan vartalonmalleja sovi päivitellä ääneen. Nykyisin paras tapa lienee neutraali asenne ilman, että tarvitsisi edes kiinnittää huomiota vartalonmalleihin tai niiden erilaisuuden ja hyväksyttävyyden hehkuttamiseen.

NEW BLOG: PART 2 // MY 'SKINNY GIRL COMPLEX' AND THE BODY-SHAMING DOUBLE STANDARD // New blog now live #linkinbio . . As a society we have been taught that it is 'rude' to so openly and casually call someone 'fat', and so we avoid doing so in order not to be offensive. On the other hand… I frequently have people around me blatantly state, "You're so skinny". No one bats an eyelid. If anything, other people may actually chime in and emphasise the point. Imagine if I turned around to a fat person and casually stated, "You're so fat"… Well how dare I, right? Socially unacceptable. I'm guessing any witnesses would feel uneasy and I would be considered an insensitive bitch, amongst other things. This is, basically, the double-standard that has given me a 'skinny girl complex'. ✨ So why does this double standard exist? Well in this blog post, I put forward my two cents worth on the matter and open up the discussion. I also discuss what this double standard looks like and what contributes to this double standard. I get candid and touch on the media, fashion and beauty industries as well as the role the pornography industry plays in all of this. ✨ I am here to shed light on the double standards that surround our body-shaming culture and talk about the skinny elephant in the room.. Please show some support, click the link in my bio, have a read and share it with the world! 🙏🏽 We need more love and less judgment! Thank you all always, from the bottom of my heart Xx . . #bodyshaming #truth #skinny #fat #body #positive #journey #selflove #acceptance #love #blog #website #bodyimage #selfesteem #naked #nude #nudity #judgment #shame #feminine #taboo #yoga #yogi #vegan #humpday

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'If only our eyes saw souls instead of beauty…how different our ideals of beauty would be'… I see you ✨👁✨ . . Hey guys! Sorry I've been a little quiet on here for the past week 💕 some things have come up that have required my undivided energy and time, so work has taken a bit of a backseat 🙂 I'm back in full force now and keen to get stuck into it 👊🏼 I'll be releasing part 2 of my 'skinny girl complex' blog in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled 😉 Tomorrow evening, I'll be doing a live podcast for 'Power Plant Radio' with my friend Billy from @pranaon 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 it'll go live on Facebook, so be sure to tune in 👊🏼 I'll post all the details, links, time etc tomorrow so you know where to watch 💖 looking forward to sharing with you all and talking candidly about myself and the blog and all the other bits and pieces 💕 . . Thank you all again for all of your support and kindness… it does not go unnoticed 🙏🏽 Always be kind to yourself and one another 💫 . Love this photo that was taken with my best friend after I taught a naked yoga session a couple of months ago 💖💖💖 . #soul #connection #love #heart #beauty #truth #thirdeye #shakti #energy #feminine #goddess #angel #wings #friends #bff #nudies #naked #nude #body #positive #naturist #lifestyle #yoga #yogi #vegan #podcast #plantbased #health #blog #blogger

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Thank you to every one of you who participated in my poll regarding whether or not I should start my own podcast 🙏🏽 It was a majority 'yes' vote… with over 70% of you guys saying that I should do it 😁 Thank you all also for all of the messages of support, encouragement, kindness, and for all of your advice… your feedback matters, and I do take it all on board 🙏🏽 I learn just as much from you guys… so thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ I am beyond blessed 💖 I will continue to look into potentially doing a podcast… so stay tuned 😉 I'll keep you guys posted 😘 . . This photo was one I got during my time in Tonga 🇹🇴 The changing colour of the water shows just how quick the water goes from being shallow to massive drop offs into the big blue 😮 pretty crazy stuff! You only have to walk out a few metres and BANG! You're in some deep-ass ocean 🌊 But honestly, how stunning is the water??!! . . #gratitude #podcast #poll #social #media #blog #blogger #website #tbt #throwback #thursday #tonga #island #beach #bum #ocean #water #naked #nude #naturist #body #positive #nature #yoga #yogi #vegan #travel #adventure #wanderlust #tan

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1 year since I launched The Nude Blogger!!! 🎉 Wow… What a journey 💖 What a crazy-ass ride is has been thus far 😊 bloody hell! 🤣🤣🤣 I'm so honoured to have beautiful people like you support me and my message and to have made some of the connections I have 💫 I set out on this journey not knowing exactly how to go about it all… and I'm still grasping this whole blog thing! 😂 It sure requires a lot of time, effort and energy! But it is all so worth it. Albeit testing at times, it has been such an overwhelmingly beautiful experience 💖 All I know is that I'm here to raise awareness, spread love and help raise consciousness on this planet… and I guess this is one way in which I can only hope to inspire others to be more conscious 💖 Thank you all so much for all of your encouragement and support… it means more to me than you can imagine 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 you guys make this so much more worthwhile and I am forever grateful 💜 Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🏽 If you'd like to know more on why I started this blog and what inspired me, please click the link in my bio 😘 #linkinbio Thank you @dasilva___ for capturing this shot in the lead up to me launching the blog all that time ago haha 🙏🏽 how time flies! #birthdaysuit #humpday #smile #blessed #grateful

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