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Osa masentuneista on kuullut toistuvasti lauseen: ”Kuinka voit olla noin iloinen, jos olet masentunut?” Totuus on se, että kaikkia mielen myllerryksiä ei näe ulospäin. Onnelliselta vaikuttava ihminen voi olla todella itsetuhoinen ilman, että kertoisi siitä kenellekään. Hän saattaa jopa hautoa itsemurhaa.

Hoitamattomat mielenterveyshäiriöt altistavat itsemurhalle. Ihmisen mieli voi sairastua, ja masennus on yleisin psyykkisistä sairauksista. Ikävät tunnetilat ovat osa jokaisen ihmisen elämää, mutta mikäli mieliala laahaa maankamaraa kauan ja vaikeuttaa elämää, kannattaa hakea apua. Suomen Mielenterveysseuran valtakunnallinen kriisipuhelin päivystää numerossa 010 195 202.

Masennusta tai itsetuhoisuutta voi olla vaikea havaita. Olemme keränneet alle kuvia vaikeasti masentuneista ihmisistä, jotka ovat kertoneet tarinansa koko maailmalle rehellisesti. Masentuneiden kuvia löytyy sosiaalisesta mediasta hashtagilla #faceofdepression tai #suicideawarness.

Tw: talk of suicidal tendencies. . "You don't look suicidal"… I remember these words coming from the Dr's mouth right after I'd just told him that I was having thoughts of suicide. I remember in that moment my 14 year old self felt invalidation, dumb and embarrassed; something no one in that mindset should have to feel. I left feeling confused, what was I supposed to look like? A bottle of pills in one hand and a suicide note in the other? Those words nearly cost me my life, that judgment, those stupid stupid words. . I remember the night just last year that I spiralled and overdosed in my living room. I remember thinking to myself "I can't get help, I don't look suicidal, I don't fit the bill, they'll laugh at me". I remember thinking I must have looked the part, must have been wearing the suicidal costume properly when I woke up in Resus as all around me were concerned, worried and sad faces. By then this could have been too late, i might not have been there to see those sad faces if my partner hadn't of saved my life. . This, this is the danger of thinking mental health has a 'face',a 'look'. This is how stigma, ignorance and judgement towards mental health/suicide affects those who are poorly. . In both these photos i'm suicidal, perhaps not in the same way but on both of these days I had suicidal thoughts racing around. . Stop the judgment. Stop the stigma.

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This photo was taken just 7 hours before I tried to take my own life for the 3rd time. This photo was taken in the morning, we went for a walk and for some food with Eli. We laughed and enjoyed our time. That evening I took an overdose that left me in hospital for a week. . I had no idea I'd try to take my own life in the morning, I was smiling and loved the way my hair looked hence the selfie. Having BPD (undiagnosed for so long because the NHS wouldn't listen) means that my mood can switch to suicidal in seconds over the slightest trigger. . Suicidal isn't just crying, for those with a troubled life and long build ups to breaking point, it's also snap decisions made whilst your son sleeps in the same house and your loving partner kissed you goodnight hours before. . We need to learn how suicidal tendencies can present themselves beyond our ignorance to the topic. By listening and learning even the tiniest triggers/signs we can save lives. ❤️

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Depression doesn't have a 'LOOK' I can stand up, have a bomb ass day and still be suicidal. Depression is cruel and unforgiving, sometimes the day I 'look' the least depressed I'm suffering the hardest. . There's a stigma of having to look fragile, broken, make up running, bottle of vodka and a suicide note in your hand to be worthy of help/attention for your pain. . Depression is cowering away in bed. Depression is also faking a smile in public. Depression is sometimes being exhausted getting out of bed. Depression is also excessive bursts of energy to try and distract yourself. Depression is crying, self loathing and dread. Depression is also laughing and trying to fit in. Depression is dark black and cold. Depression is also leading a 'normal' life and appearing 'functioning' Depression is agony. Depression is also a friend, a comfort. . Don't judge. You never know what someone is going through behind a smile or a laugh. Be gentle. You've no idea how much a kind word could mean to someone. Depression doesn't have a 'face', stop the stigma.

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Depression doesn't have a face. You can't look at someone online or in person and grade their depression. Depression twists, grows and turns. . Somedays I do my make up, I smile, I leave the house and have coffee, take cute insta snaps of Eli. Somedays I lay on the bathroom floor screaming "please" in a desperate will for the pain to end. . Somedays I can talk to friends online for hours, help them, chat about crap with ease. Other times I avoid messenger like the plague, I leave messages for weeks, months or forever and think about shutting myself off from everyone before they have a chance to shut off from me. . Somedays I dance in my pants around the house, cleaning everywhere and laughing with Eli and Rishi. Somedays Rishi takes unpaid time off work to care for me, keep me safe and lay with me whilst I stay in bed motionless and afraid. . Depression doesn't have a face Depression can't be measured. If someone is struggling, they are struggling. . You can function with depression, some days you wouldn't tell, other days it's like what you see in the movies. Be kind 💛

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