Suosikkibloggaaja elää nyt alastomana viidakossa – somettaa silti edelleen

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Australialainen suosikkibloggajaa Leanne Ratcliffe on noussut julkkiseksi myös kotimaansa ulkopuolella, kun hän muutti asumaan Etelä-Amerikan viidakkoon. Freelee the Banana Girl -lempinimellä tunnettu 37-vuotias kaunotar teki irtioton ja viettää nyt päivänsä pääosin alastomana ja ilman monia länsimaisen kulttuurin ja teknologian saavutuksia.

Elämänmuutoksestaan huolimatta hän kuitenkin somettaa yhä edelleen julkaisemalla elämästään kuvia ja videoita verkossa. Independent-lehden mukaan Ratcliffe jätti muun muassa ihokarvoituksensa ajelemisen, mikä aiheutti taannoin kovasti ihmetystä ja jopa rajua kritiikkiä.

– En ole ajanut kainaloitani aikoihin ja pidän siitä. Niiden lisäksi olen jättänyt karvoituksen ajelemisen myös käsistä, jaloista, kasvoista ja jalkovälistä. Ei enää haavoja tai ihottumaa, eikä enää ajankulua ja kipua vahausten parissa. Parasta on, että en välitä enää lainkaan mitä aivopesty valtavirta ajattelee, Leanne Ratcliffe kirjoitti Instagramissa.

Leanne Ratcliffe tuli kotimaassaan tunnetuksi jo vuosia sitten kertoessaan rajusta laihduttamisestaan julkisesti. Silloin hän sai myös nykyisen lempinimensä ”Banaanityttö”. Nykyisin hän syö itse kasvattamiaan hedelmiä.

Am I going to be nude in every shot now? Yes, nude in the jungle. Free of clothes, labels, products, shoes, makeup, shaving. It just feels right. Does that mean I'm going to walk around naked with friends or join a nudist colony? Probably not, but it does mean this page will be one where I celebrate my birth-day body in my natural surroundings. Unfortunately female nudity in our modern culture has been oversexualised to the point that we can't even show a damn nipple! Ugh. This stigma is obviously not healthy and breeds embarrassment, shame and disatissfaction with our female bodies. I love how comfortable and confident tribeswomen around the world are with their nude bodies. Not a second thought is given to their saggy breasts. On a side note, I'm also tired of seeing clothing brands constantly tagged and promoted on Instagram, so this is a place free of that. If my body offends you then this isn't the page for you. #gofreeyourself PS – New video up showing my lifestyle for a week, link in bio

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I used to work in a concrete jungle, now I just work in the jungle.🐒 How did this happen? Well, I woke up one morning dreading the work day ahead. I was exhausted with the 9-5 grind. Waking to an alarm, commuting over a hour a day dressed in a restrictive suit, painting my face to 'look the part', binding my feet in high heels, and faking a smile to the public. I was sick of working my life away making someone else rich. Maybe the worst, I was bored. I wanted to be turned on and to FEEL something meaningful everyday. That morning I decided to free myself from being a slave. There wasn't any social media back then so I transitioned by becoming a personal trainer with my own business. Soon after I found veganism and my true passion in life.🤝 Don't be afraid, you CAN create this too. One day I will do a video on it. #gofreeyourself #jungleoffice

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As I sit here eating sugar apples, a very old memory is triggered. As an 8 year old I had a routine of listening to my mum and dad talking in bed at night. They didn’t know I did and usually it was very calming for me. Not this night. I overheard my dad say that he thought it was weird that I didn’t have many friends, and that I wasn’t normal. I remember gasping and trying to hold back the tears. I already felt like an outcast in school. Now my dad, who was the centre of my universe even thought I was strange. I felt like I had disappointed him and that he didn’t love me so I went about trying to make friends. I was very introverted and this felt unnatural to me. I only liked minimal company. Needless to say the plan failed. I repeated the pattern a thousand times more until one day I realised HANG ON…. THIS IS WHO I AM. Being a weirdo is my speciality! 🤙Please don’t ever be afraid to be different, BE afraid to be like everyone else. You are a limited edition. So welcome my fellow weirdos, you will fit right in here. 🤝#gofreeyourself

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