Miljoonien ihailema Michelle Lewin esitteli kurvinsa

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Venezuelalainen fitness-kaunotar Michelle ”La Cuerpa” Lewin on yksi maailman seuratuimmista fitness-malleista. Hän laihdutti aikoinaan kymmeniä kiloja ja nousi supertähdeksi. Michelle on sittemmin poseerannut esimerkiksi Playboyn kansikuvassa ja noussut yli 13 miljoonan seuraamaksi julkkiskaunottareksi.

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Your body is a sculpture and YOU are the artist. -It goes so slowly to shape it, and it goes so quickly to remove every visible sign of your efforts😖 We are entering the "worst" period of the year when it comes to health. Many are struggling. The food on the table is just so tempting, and at this time of the year it's normally not tuna salad served at dinner. This is the time of year when we all, including me, eat more sugar and bad fats than the rest of the year. However, many of you don't want to eat that much, but the temptations are too strong. And everyone else don't seem to care, so let's just have another one. I am not here to tell you that you cannot enjoy the greasy food this holiday. It's not my business. I'm not your mom. It's your choice. I am here to help you if you need it, and many want tips on HOW to avoid eating too much, it's so hard to resist. I know it is! But I have learnt the following (and no one taught me this, this is how I do it): ✅Eat a pretty large healthy meal just before you sit down with family and friends. That will guaranteed make you take it easy. ✅Don't let yourself get hungry. If you do, you will make decisions you might regret. ✅If there is anything healthy on the table, eat that first. The other around is almost humanly impossible. ✅Drink a lot of water before and during dinner. That will fill up you stomach quite well and make you feel full quicker. And one for the dedicated: ✅Keep inside your purse: dental floss, tooth paste, a tooth brush and mouth wash (listerine) cool mint (all in travel size, every bigger pharmacy have it). Why?🧐 Well, when you have eaten enough and you really want to stop yourself but the cravings are whispering "one more… just one more"… go clean your mouth thoroughly so it feels really fresh, with a strong mint taste… and all those temptations are all of a sudden not so tempting anymore… Nothing tastes good with a fresh mint taste in the mouth. Repeat the mouth wash every 30 minutes… I’m probably a bit crazy, but hey! It works for me, and I'm just sharing my experiences…💁🏼‍♀️ Now party on!🥳 (Photographer @lee_lhgfx)

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Äskettäin Michelle esitteli miten hän treenaa kuntosalilla takapuoltaan, kun hän julkaisi sosiaalisessa mediassa videon aiheesta. Nyt Lwein on puolestaan keikistellyt kameran edessä ja esitellyt upeita kurvejaan miljoonille seuraajilleen.

Michelle Lewin kertoi taannoin nuoruudestaan köyhyydessä Venezuelassa ja siitä kuinka hän oli teini-ikäisenä lähes anorektinen, koska perheellä ei ollut varaa ruokaan. Ruotsiin miehen perässä muutettuaan Michelle ryhtyi kuntoilemaan aktiivisesti, ja hänestä tuli miljoonien idoli.