Kissa livahti naapurin muuttoautoon – päätyi 1 200 kilometrin päähän

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Kissoilla on toisinaan paha tapa livahtaa omistajien huomaamatta paikkoihin, joihin ne eivät kuulu. Taannoin erään australialaisperheen kissa päätyi uteliaisuutensa ansiosta pitkälle yllätysmatkalle.

Queenslandin Longreachissa asuva Georgia Whipp huomasi noin puoli tuntia naapureidensa muuton jälkeen kissansa P-Pussin kadonneen. Kun kissaa ei näkynyt seuraavana päivänä aamupalalla, alkoi hän epäillä lemmikkinsä päätyneen naapurin muuttokuorman mukaan. Whipp soitti muuttofirmalle, joka ilmoitti myöhemmin lemmikin löytyneen autovarikolta Brisbanesta noin 1 200 kilometrin päästä.

Pian Whipp sai uuden soiton muuttofirmalta, joka ilmoitti kissan karanneen heidän hallustaan. Naisen onneksi P-Puss onnistuttiin myöhemmin nappaamaan uudelleen sen laukaistua muuttofirmanhälytysjärjestelmän.

Whipp onnistui löytämään Facebookin avulla avuliaan vapaaehtoisen, joka toimitti P-Pussin yli tuhannen kilometrin päästä takaisin Longreachiin. Kissan yllätysreissulle kerääntyi lopulta matkaa noin 2 500 kilometrin edestä. Whipp kertoo ABC-uutissivustolle olevansa onnellinen P-Pussin paluusta, sillä hän ehti jo pelätä ettei näkisi lemmikkiään enää koskaan.


🙀 The adventure of P-Puss 🚗 Buckle yourself in for a wild story of a long distance adventure and the team effort journey back home. Just scrolling through Facebook as I do and I come across a post from a lady asking for help getting her cat back home. The post goes that she got a call from a truck depot company in Brisbane saying they have her cat. Heres the catch – Georgia and her cat live in Longreach. Over 1,000km away. Georgia’s neighbours had recently moved from Longreach to Brisbane and her sweet cat, P-Puss, decided to crawl into the back of the truck and go on a little adventure. The depot then called Georgia to let her know that her precious fur covered baby was safe and they had her contained. Cue the panic that followed trying to figure out how to get her back home. And that’s where CQASI came into this story. After seeing the post I contacted Georgia and got the 4-1-1 on what had happened. In this time the depot contacted Georgia to regretfully inform her that P-Puss had managed to escape. Now imagine how P-Puss was feeling. A cat that has lived her whole life in Longreach. A long way from home. No familiar smells or sights. With Brisbane City Council announcing to some suburbs they were going to start cat trapping, the race was on to get her caught at least. I did a post up on my personal profile asking for anyone in the area who has a trap to please assist. Two wonderful persons who put their hands up. We were all set for the next day to get P-Puss caught when I receive a message from Georgia that one of the depot drivers who lived next door kept hearing one of the shed alarms going off. She was definitely still hanging around. That night in the early hours he heard the alarm going off again so went over to try his luck. Armed with scan of tuna and determination, he caught her. Phase 1 complete. Georgia had someone in Brisbane, Elaine, who could look after P-Puss till transport could be sorted. Another call out for people to help and we were not disappointed by people’s generosity. Here at CQASI one of our foster carers, Trish, was heading down to do deliveries of some of our cats adopted that way. Just so happened one of the drop off points was not too far from where P-Puss was staying. So on Friday P-Puss started her journey back home, accompanied by Trish’s one woman karaoke show. She spent the night at Trish’s place before day 2 of her travel started. 9am Saturday morning Trish, myself and Bron all met and I FINALLY got to meet the feline that I had been trying to coordinate her return home for days. To say she is a sweetheart is an understatement. Nothing phased this cat. She PURRED the whole time. Getting scritches from all of us and just having no idea how many people had been stressing over her. Georgia hasn’t slept properly for days. This is where Bron took P-Puss into custody. Rockhampton to Emerald. Then P-Puss swapped hands once more to Sam who was doing the last leg of the trip from Emerald to Longreach. Well I’m pleased to say that Saturday evening I got the message from Georgia that P-Puss was FINALLY home. Biggest thank you to everyone who added a cog to the machine called ‘Getting P-Puss Home’. ➡️ The driver who caught her. ➡️ Elaine who held her in Brisbane.➡️ Trish who drove her from Brisbane to Rockhampton. ➡️ Bron who drove her from Rockhampton to Emerald. ➡️ Sam who drove her from Emerald to Longreach. What a wild ride! Loz 🐾

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Updated So far we have it all sorted. Thanks everyone for the offers. Is anyone travelling from Rockhampton to…

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