Julianne Hough valmistautui koe-esiintymiseen – upea suoritus ei taannut roolia

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Tanssii tähtien kanssa -ohjelman tuomari ja näyttelijä Julianne Hough on koulutukseltaan myös ammattitanssija. Nyt Julianne Hough päätti jakaa sosiaalisessa mediassa kokemuksensa tärkeään koe-esiintymiseen valmistautumisesta ja siitä tunnemyrskystä, joka siitä seurasi kun rooli menikin toiselle.

Julianne Hough on julkaissut Instagram-kanavallaan videon, jossa hän näyttää todella upealta tanssiessaan vaativaa koreografiaa. Hough oli saanut tiedon hänelle sopivasta roolista, jonka koe-esiintymiset olisivat vuoden kuluttua. 32-vuotias tähti laittoi kaiken energiansa siihen, että hän onnistuisi koe-esiintymisessä täydellisesti.

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I recently came across this video in my camera role and it took me back to this audition I had a couple years ago. I remember getting a call from the director a year prior to this audition even coming to fruition and I was so pumped. I thought to myself “This is it. There’s no way I can’t get this… I’ve grown up watching, studying and dancing Bob Fosse’s choreography and style. I’m going to do whatever it takes to get this role.” I read the book (so fast), researched the character, worked with my acting coach (the incomparable @nancybanks), tried to get in touch with Ann herself but wanted to be respectful- until I got it of course 😜 so I looked to see if there was anyone else who could teach me the subtle specificities of that Fosse style. That’s how I ended up finding legend Kathryn Doby, who worked as assistant and “dance captain” for Bob Fosse – now in her 90s. I remember she didn’t have a cell phone but I ended up finding her home phone number 🤷🏼‍♀️ Luckily, I ended up working with Kathryn to fine-tune the craft and skill set which is very specific and harder than it looks! I worked every minute of every day from the second I found out I was testing for it in NYC. This was the most passionate & committed I think I had ever been about any audition I had ever had! But as it goes, I didn’t get it, and although I was so so so close (that’s a whole other story for another day) and heartbroken when I found out I didn’t get it, I took so much away from the experience and was incredibly happy for the woman who did end up getting it. The whole process taught me so much about the focus it takes to work on your skill and craft, and the dedication it takes to create your future. Everything happens for a reason! At the end of the day I couldn’t be more proud of the work I put in while doing my best to honor Ann Reinking, which not only allowed me to discover who she was, it also helped me find those parts within myself. I hope this inspires you, not because I wanted the part so badly, but because I found SO much joy in the process, which is something I’ve taken with me for any and all work I’ve done since. And for that I am truly grateful :) check out my stories

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Tanssija palkkasi ammattilaisia auttamaan häntä näyttelijäntyön opiskelemisessa ja tietyn tanssityylin oppimisessa. Nainen eli ja hengitti tulevaa roolia joka päivä ja harjoitteli taukoamatta. Hänen mielessään ei ollut epäilystäkään siitä etteikö hän saisi roolia. Toisin kuitenkin kävi.

Julianne Hough muistelee olleensa täysin murtunut siitä, että hän ei saanut roolia. Myöhemmin nainen on ollut kuitenkin kiitollinen koko kokemuksesta ja suorastaan tyrmistynyt siitä mihin hän itse on kykenevä kun hän harjoittelee ja hioo taitojaan.