Kookosöljyä kahviin? Trendijuomalla väitetään olevan terveysvaikutuksia

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Jokaisesta kodista pitäisi löytyä vähintään yksi purkki laadukasta luomukookosöljyä. Kookosöljy sopii jokaiseen kodin huoneeseen, olipa kyse keittiöstä, kylpyhuoneesta tai makuuhuoneesta. Sitä voi käyttää ruoanlaiton lisäksi kauneudenhoitoon ja liukastusaineena seksissä.

Kookosöljyä voi laittaa myös muutaman teelusikallisen aamukahvin sekaan. Kookosöljyssä on nimittäin luonnollisessa muodossa nopeasti imeytyviä tyydyttyneitä rasvahappoja. Öljyn voi sekoittaa kahviin esimerkiksi blenderin avulla tai sekoittaa vanhanaikaisesti lusikalla.

Herkullisen maun lisäksi kookosöljyn kerrotaan pitävän näläntunnetta poissa pidempään. Aamukahviin sekoittamalla se voi tehostaa aineenvaihduntaa ja lisätä energiatasoa. Kookosöljykahvi sopii esimerkiksi hiilihydraatitonta ruokavaliota noudattavien aamupalapöytään, PureWow muistuttaa.

COCONUT OIL & COFFEE 🥥 ✖️ Happy Sunday my loves! Just wanted to drop in and talk about this versatile gem, and why I put it in my coffee ☕️ ✖️ Ever since I started drinking coffee in my early 20’s, I would load it up with creamers, some sugar, something to “mask” that harsh taste (or this is what I felt at the time 🤦🏼‍♀️) of coffee. I was essentially loading it with sugar, fat, and chemicals. Cool way to start your morning Jenn… ✖️ Anyhoo, after I did a round of Whole30, and was forced to cut out dairy. I was starting to drink black coffee. And I still do to this day. I actually LIKE it. Weird, right? ✖️ I use coconut oil on a daily basis in many different forms for its various benefits. Whether it’s for cooking, moisturizer, or topical treatments for my psoriasis – I can’t live without it now. ✖️ After seeing a nutritionist a few years back, she recommended I take a tbsp of virgin organic coconut oil every morning under my tongue, let it melt, and digest. So… I tried this. Sorry lady, it wasn’t for me. SO, I thought, why not in my coffee? People – it’s an absolute treat. It makes my coffee silky smooth, with a nutty flavour. YUM! And to top it off, there are some kickass benefits along with it. Some include: • Antifungal & Antibacterial • Contains MCT’s – which have been shown to suppress appetite, boost immune system, and slow the ageing process. They are absorbed and metabolized by the body more rapidly than other fatty acids. They provide “ instant fuel” for your hot bod • Reduces inflammation • antioxidants in coconut oil fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress (a main component of osteoporosis) • Encourages elimination 💩 The fats in coconut oil act as a natural lubricant in the digestive tract, and to soften stool as well. Just be careful on the dose (you don’t want TOO soft) YAFEELME?! …and much…much more. ✖️ For those of you who love your lattes, or who haven’t made the switch to an organic nut milk, I recommend adding coconut milk and coconut oil to your coffee for an easier transition to black coffee. ✖️ You can even blend these ingredients up for a frothy, milky morning delight🖤🥥 Cheers!

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