Jenna Jameson laihtui 26 kiloa – vannoo nyt ketodieetin nimeen

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Yhdysvaltojen Las Vegasista kotoisin oleva aikuisviihdetähti Jenna Jameson on viime vuosina totutellut perheenäidin rooliin. Julkkistähti perusti perheen, joka on sittemmin kasvanut lapsi toisensa jälkeen. Monilapsisessa perheessä on myös kaksospojat.

Jenna Jameson on viime vuosina kuvattu lähes tunnistamattoman näköisenä, kun hänen ulkomuotonsa on muuttunut raskauksien myötä. 44-vuotias tähti alkoi kuitenkin laihduttamaan nuorimman poikansa saatuaan ja on nyt onnistunut karistamaan huimat 26 kiloa vyötäröltään.

Maailman tunnetuimmaksi pornotähdeksi ja Pornon Kuningattareksi nimetty Jenna Jameson on kertonut Instagram-kanavallaan, että hän on onnistunut laihduttamaan ketodieetin avulla. Dieetissä nainen on suosinut kasvisten, lihan ja kalan syömistä ja poistanut ruokavaliostaan leivän, pastan, perunan, riisin ja sokerin.

Time for a fitness/weight loss update. Wow, simply wow. I’ve officially lost over 45 pounds. I’ve started to implement a bit of exercise and I’m seeing immediate results. I guess muscle memory is a thing. I stopped paying attention to the scale because I’m not really losing weight anymore, just losing inches. I’m feeling satisfied with my progress physically, but an awesome byproduct of this ketogenic lifestyle is I feel sharper mentally. I’m starting to allow myself a weekly treat which is nice! Also, I’m still breastfeeding and my supply is healthy as ever! So to all of you that are wanting to start a weight loss journey, look at me! It can be done! Even with a toddler! Bra by @behrbras #ketotransformation #weightlossjourney #fitmom #transformationtuesday #weightlosstransformation

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This has been a strong 💪🏻 week for my Keto lifestyle results. I’m no longer really losing fat, I’m tightening. I see and feel the biggest difference in my arms and back. When I was out of shape, I felt really thick through my core and trap and arm area. That’s finally starting to go. I really feel weight in our arms is a hormonal thing. I can say this to all of you ladies wondering how I stay committed to no carbs. Well, after the first week or so… the cravings subside and your body adjusts. I get sweet cravings here and there, but I usually push past them by drinking a Fresca. Oh and by the way, my scale number hasn’t budged. I’m holding at 130. Because I KNOW y’all cuties will ask… my insanely cute slides are from @haute_acorn #weightlossjourney #ketotransformation #ketodiet #weeklyweighin #fitmoms

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Thought I’d post a #motivationmonday #beforeandafter of my total weightloss. On the right I weight 187. On the left I’m a strong 130. I was lethargic and struggled with the easiest of tasks like walking in the beach sand with Batelli. 😞 I felt slow mentally and physically. I took the pic on the right for a body positive post I was going to do and decided against it because I felt anything but fucking positive. I’m now a little under 4 months on the #ketodiet and it’s not only given me physical results, I feel happier, smarter, and much more confident. I also want to let y’all know how much your amazing support means to me. I know you loved me heavy, and now… but your journeys inspire me to keep inspiring you. Thank you for going on this journey with me. I love you guys! #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #ketotransformation #fitmom

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