Westboron kohukirkon ex-jäsenestä tuli fitness-malli

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Westboron baptistikirkko tunnetaan äärikonservatiivisista näkemyksistä, johon liittyy muun muassa homouden ja miltei kaiken muun seksuaalisuuden vastustaminen. Sen jäsenillä on tapana protestoida esimerkiksi sotilaiden hautajaisissa.

Lauren Drain liittyi Wesboron baptistikirkkoon isänsä mukana vuonna 2001. Hänet erotettiin 22-vuotiaana, sillä hän ei suostunut järjestettyyn avioliittoon ja kyseenalaisti muutenkin kirkon opit. Samalla nainen joutui jättämään perheensä taakseen.

– Olin 15-vuotias, aivopesty ja manipuloitu kuulumaan yhteen amerikan ja koko maailman vihatuimmista kirkoista. Kyllä, häpeän paljon tekojani aivopestynä teininä, Drain kirjoitti Instagramissa.

Kirkon jälkeen Drain aloitti elämänsä puhtaalta pöydeltä. Hoitajanakin vuosien ajan työskennellyt nainen on nykyään fitness-malli, jota seuraa Instagramissa 3,8 miljoonaa fania. Nainen kertoo Daily Star -lehdelle kuntoiluharrastuksen auttaneen häntä pakenemaan kirkon aiheuttamia traumoja.

Mallinuran ohella Drain työskentelee kulttien nuoria uhreja auttavassa The Safety Net Project -järjestössä avulla ja homofobian vastaisessa NOH8-kampanjassa. Hän on julkaissut myös kokemuksistaan kertovan kirjan.


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‼️PLEASE READ!‼️ I’ve been seeing the #10yearchallenge going around 🙈 Looking back this makes me think of several ways I’ve grown in 10 years besides just the physical so I listed just a few. 10 years ago I had: – interesting fashion sense lmao, I actually had no money so I shopped at goodwill – shy, timid, uncertain, insecure – passive, no direction – relied on others to make my decisions or influence me – scared of relationships, failure & being alone – binged on carbs & no control with alcohol – no workout knowledge or fitness outlets – sweet but naive & easily taken advantage of TODAY: – mentally & emotionally stronger – independent & boldly after my goals – disciplined with nutrition – in love with training & learning new workouts – passionate about helping others – loyal & giving to friends but make sure others don’t bring negative influences in my life – SO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL FOR EVERYONE IN MY LIFE & ALL OF YOU MY LOVES! 😘 Let’s all work towards not only a total body transformation but a transformation of mind, spirit and body!

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‼️Swipe Right: Yes, that’s a younger me standing on the American flag & holding up heinous signs while at a picket (possibly that of a fallen soldier). I was maybe 15 at the time, brainwashed & indoctrinated into one of the most hated cults in America if not the world. Yes, I am extremely ashamed, remorseful, apologetic & embarrassed for my actions as a brainwashed teen. We all have a past, different chapters of our life & this one was mine. I have lost my entire family to this cult – but thankfully I have gained a true life outside of it. In the last 12 years since I have escaped I’ve gone on to write a New York Times bestselling Memoir that’s helped many understand why the cult does what it does & how children are brainwashed into the ideology. I have gone on countless national TV shows denouncing their ideology & expressing remorse. I’ve been a part of the NOH8 campaign. I’ve made YouTube videos helping educate the public on how to counter protest. I have started up The Safety Net Project that helps other young members escape the cult. I have personally assisted close to a dozen young escapees see that there is a life outside the WBC, that the world can forgive & that we are all capable of much more than what we were brainwashed into believing. My controversial, crazy, embarrassing, sad & ugly past has made me who I am today. I have learned to overcome many hardships in life, to grow because of the obstacles that were laid before me instead of giving up. I having denounced any and all beliefs and preaching's of the WBC & I am still a Christian through and through. However, in my opinion religion of any kind is a personal choice, full of personal values, definitions & views that should stay just that, personal. I don't think anyone should judge or persecute another human being or any group of individuals based off of those personal, chosen, beliefs. I am against any & all forms of violence, discrimination, bullying or bigotry directed at someone else for any reason. Thank you all for the love & support💞 To learn more simply google or YouTube: Lauren Drain🙈

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