Suomalaiskennelistä kansainvälinen kohu – Oasis-tähden tytär vaatii lopettamaan

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Suositun Kuono-koiramedian päätoimittaja Ville Kormilainen on joutunut erikoiseen tilanteeseen, kun hänen kennelinsä on saanut yllättäen kansainvälistä huomiota arvostetussa NME-musiikkilehdessä, jossa julkkisneitokainen vaatii kennelin lopettamista.


NME uutisoi äskettäin, että suomalaiskennel nimeää koiransa Oasis-yhtyeen kappaleiden mukaan. Oasis-tähti Noel Gallagherin tytär Anais Gallagher lähetti lehden välityksellä avoimen kirjeen Kormilaiselle, jonka kennelin nimi on Oasis-yhtyeen kappaletta mukaillen Morning Glory. 14-vuotias CBBC-televisiokanavan juontajatar vaatii yhdessä PETA-järjestön kanssa laatimassaan kirjeessä Kormilaista lopettamaan koirien jalostamisen.

PÄIVITYS: Lue tästä Kormilaisen vastine Gallagherille.

Anais perustelee vaatimuksensa omilla huonoilla kokemuksillaan bostoninterrierien jalostamisesta. Lisäksi teinityttö kertoo, että hänen oma Oasis-suosikkilevynsä on Definitely Maybe.

Dear Mr Kormilainen,

I was happy to read in NME that you’re a big Oasis fan – so am I! Obviously. What’s your favourite album? Mine is ’Definitely Maybe’. I also read that you breed dogs and want to name your next litter of Labrador retrievers after your fave Oasis songs. I wish you wouldn’t do that.

I love dogs and would do anything for my Boston terrier, Oscar. But after seeing the health problems that Oscar has grown up with ever since he was a puppy, just because he came from a breeder, I am now completely against dog breeding.

Oscar had a cleft palate and was constantly sick. For the first few weeks after we bought him, we had to take him to the vet almost every day for one problem or another. He got sicker and sicker and lost lots of weight until he was so skinny you could see his bones. Mum and I were terrified that he wouldn’t make it. When we took Oscar to see experts at the Royal Veterinary College, they told us his stomach wasn’t connected to his organs properly and he had had this problem since birth because of breeding! Poor Oscar had to have lots of operations just to be able to eat normally.

Since then I’ve learned from my friends at PETA, who are trying to educate people about the problems with pedigrees, that many dog breeds have health issues like Oscar’s. Labrador retrievers are at risk for something called progressive retinal atrophy, which can make them go blind, bulldogs suffer from breathing problems which can become an emergency if they get overheated, and German shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia, which can cripple them. It’s horrible to think about – don’t you agree?

But that’s not the only problem with breeding dogs. In my country, we have a big problem with homeless dogs, and I imagine you do in your country, too. There are millions of sweet, fun-loving dogs all around the world who are living in animal shelters and just waiting for someone to take them home. Whenever people buy a dog from a breeder or a pet shop or even accidentally allow their own dog to have a litter of puppies, they are practically signing a death sentence for a dog in an animal shelter, who will never get to have a home and a family. It breaks my heart to think that dogs are being euthanised just because there aren’t enough good homes for them, while breeders produce more litters. Breeding dogs is wrong as long as we’re still killing animals who don’t have homes.

On behalf of Oscar and all the other wonderful dogs who don’t have anyone to speak up for them, please don’t produce any more litters. You can be a rock’n’roll star for dogs by spaying and neutering your Labrador retrievers and promoting adoption instead.

Yours sincerely,

Anaïs Gallagher (Noel’s daughter)

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