Myrskybongari ikuisti maailmanlopun näyn – valtava hiekkamyrsky kuin kauhuelokuvista

Viihdeuutiset · Tim Isokivi

Monsuunikauden myötä Yhdysvaltojen Arizonassa on päästy todistamaan näyttävää luonnonilmiötä. Aavikon yläpuolelle nousi valtava hiekkamyrsky.

Myrskybongari Mike Olbinski oli paikalla ikuistamassa vaikuttavaa näkyä kuviksi ja videoiksi. Olbinski arvioi Mashable-sivuston mukaan hänen seuraamansa hiekkamyrskyn kulkeneen jopa 400 kilometrin matkan.

Haboob-nimellä tunnettujen voimakkaiden myrskyjen tuulen nopeus voi olla kovimmillaan 45 metriä sekunnissa.

Hiekkamyrskyt ovat vaikuttava näky, mutta liian lähelle niitä ei kannata eksyä. Myrskyn keskelle näkyvyys on miltei olematonta. Autotiet pyritäänkin tyhjentämään ajoneuvoista lähestyvän myrskyn tieltä.


Wild day yesterday, and it all started when we woke up in Blythe around 8am, raced home, then blasted south to Three Points for severe weather before getting back on Interstate 8 for the main attracting. I kinda had the entire day mapped out before breakfast based on models and how this same deal happened on July 29th, 2016…and sure enough it played out the same way. Except BETTER. Because this time the storms were early. And we had 150 miles and hours to stay in front of a churning, dense haboob. From driving through it near Stanfield, to a gorgeous haboob approaching Vekol Road, then it was to Gila Bend and after that is when it really came to life and was a dream to chase all the way to Yuma. Better yet was the fact that this wall of dust was so thick, NO traffic came from the east for at least an hour. All it was was about 5-7 storm chasers leapfrogging each other, jumping out along Interstate 8, hootin', hollering, high-fiving…it was a blast to share the day with John Sirlin, Greg McCown, Reed Timmer, Adri Mozeris, Trey Greenwood, Mark Rebilas, Jesse Watson and Sean Parker. Kevin Rimcoski was there too, never saw him though! And Tina Wright and Kevin as well, great to run into eveveryone! Lots of frames to share, people are likely sick of our phots, video and the word haboob, but oh well :) This is a frame from a time-lapse shot from Tacna overlooking Interstate 8. It was an incredible sight at sunset and one I wont soon forget. #mop #mikeolbinski #mopphotos #instagramaz #see_arizona #igsouthwest #ig_stormclouds #earthfocus #earthpix #discoverearth #canon #stormhour #igworldclub #monsoon #storms #madwx #azwx #haboob

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First haboob of the 2018 monsoon season! Was busy working, checked RadarScope randomly and was like…crap, dust storm about to hit Florence. Grabbed the kids, out the door in about five minutes…but still wasn't time to be fully prepared, so all I did today was quick time-lapses when I could. This spot was north of Maricopa along Casa Blanca Road. About five minutes before I captured a pretty sweeet gustnado on the leading edge which I'll share later. Wish I could have done a few panos, but this frame from my time-lapse will have to do! Great to see a pretty rad haboob on the seven year anniversary of the big one! Canon 5DSR, shot at 11mm wide which should give you an idea of how big this was :) #mop #mikeolbinski #mopphotos #instagramaz #see_arizona #igsouthwest #ig_stormclouds #earthfocus #earthpix #discoverearth #canon #stormhour #igworldclub #monsoon #storms #madwx #azwx #haboob

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