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Paigey Cakey -niminen nuori nainen asuu Lontoossa. Räppärinä toimiva 25-vuotias Cakey on nyt avautunut julkisesti siitä miten hän alkoi kaljuuntumaan oman hiustyylinsä vuoksi. Nyt nainen on saanut hiussiirron ja alkanut kasvattamaan hiuksiaan uudelleen.

Pagey Cakeyn kaljuuntuminen johtui BBC-sivuston mukaan geelin käyttämisestä ja liian tiukoista hiustyyleistä, joissa varsinkin pään sivuilla olevat hiukset olivat jatkuvan vedon alaisena. Lopulta hiukset alkoivat toiselta puolelta kaljuuntumaan niin pahasti, että hiuksista ei saanut enää edes otetta.

Nyt nainen on käynyt hiussiirrossa, jossa hänen päähänsä istutettiin 3.400 uutta karvatuppea. Karvatuppien istuttaminen aiheutti naiselle sellaista kipua, jota hän ei ollut koskaan aiemmin kokenut. Toimenpiteen jälkeen naisen tuli alkaa kasvattamaan hiuksiaan uudelleen täysin kaljusta hiustyylistä, mutta hän on nyt uusien hiustensa myötä onnellisempi kuin koskaan.

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Hey Lil Man

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Probably the hardest day off my life but all worth it in the end. After 3 years of constantly pulling my hair I pretty much had no hair on the right hand side of my head. I had people tell me everyday 'your hair is so nice, I love your edges'. Little did they know those edges were holding on for dear life. I was forcing every hairstyle I done for image gang but the health of my hair was dying day by day with more and more chunks falling out at the front. I was diagnosed with traction alopecia. I had a bald patch the size of a pack of playing cards. This was caused by so many things from tight weaves, to cornrows, to gelling my hair with super strong gels. I also believe stressed played a big part in my hair loss as I have been through so much in the last 3 years. This was my biggest insecurity and I hid it from a lot of people who were close to me including family. To this day nobody really knows how bad my hair was. Ive decided to finally speak out and let you guys follow my hair journey. I travelled to Turkey for a hair transplant and all went very well. My new hair will begin to grow in a few months and I'm super excited. I feel like I've been given a 2nd chance in life and can finally get my life back on track. To some people this might not seem like a big deal but it has effected 75% off my life. From going swimming, putting my hair in certain styles, taking photos on certain angles, in fact I even stopped doing my hair in cornrows because there was no hair to hold on to. And black mascara just wasn't doing it. My edges got snatched but I got them back now. The glow up is pending…… oh and my forehead is smaller now 😜 Anyways me expressing this just took a whole weight off my shoulder. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me ❤️❤️ follow my hair journey on my YouTube channel 'PaigeyCakeyTV'. I will be uploading videos. I hope I can inspire others and maybe some of you may relate. If you are thinking about having the same procedure done or just want some advice I'm more than happy to share my story. I wish everyone more life, more growth and wisdom. Oh and I ain't finished I got a lot of new music and 2 films on the way too ❤️ the new and imp

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Lil Cookie Monster 🍪

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