Haluatko asunnosta paremman hinnan? Osta tämä asia kylpyhuoneeseen

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Sanotaan, että keittiö ja kylpyhuone ovat asuntojen parhaimpia myyntivaltteja. Kiinteistövälitysfirma Real Estate on nyt toteuttanut kyselyn, jonka mukaan yksinkertainen ja pieni lisä kylpyhuoneeseen voi nostaa ostajan tarjousta 29 prosenttia pyyntihinnan yläpuolelle.

Tämä on tassuamme. Mikäli kylpyhuoneesta löytyy ylellinen ja tassuilla varustettu amme, saattaa asunnon arvo nousta huomattavasti. Real Estate -firman mukaan tassuammeella varustetut asunnot on myyty keskimäärin 29 prosenttia pyyntihintaa korkeammalla summalla.

PureWow-sivuston mukaan ihmiset panostavat nykyisin kylpyhuoneeseen esimerkiksi nykyaikaisten laatoitusten tai sademaisten suihkujärjestelmien kautta. Tassuamme voi kuitenkin lisätä arvoa ylivoimaisesti. Tassuammeiden hinnat vaihtelevat 400 – 4.000 euron välillä mallista ja valmistajasta riippuen.

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It has been a week…who’s with us? 🙋🏻‍♀️ We are thankful for a quiet Saturday and have been meaning to give an update on our rezoning case. We could not feel more gratitude for everyone that took time to write and send a supportive email to the Raleigh Planning Commission members. What an amazing community we have here in Raleigh and across the country sending in notes of support! So much love. This rezoning process has been more stressful that we thought, but we are inching closer and closer to an end in sight. . Last Tuesday, due to some unforeseen hiccups, the Planning Commission deferred our case to their following meeting on Tuesday, January 29th. It is then that we will present and hopefully get a supportive vote. So if you haven’t sent an email yet and feel so inclined, you still have time to send one! See our last post for the details. . As we make our way towards the end of this major hurdle in our journey, our creative juices are flowing. Most of our inspiration has been dark, rich colors…which we are still drawn to, but this bright space is like a light at the end of the tunnel.✨ . #montforthall #inspomontfort #bathroom #clawfoottub

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Renovation is ripping everything original out, to replace it with brand new. Restoration means keeping what is original, making it as good as new. . We are obviously not purists, because originally this 1893 farmhouse would not have had an indoor restroom. ☺️ However, as restorationists we are careful to be respectful of both the Folk Victorian architectural style of our farmhouse & of its priceless craftsmanship. Once historic homes are gone, they are gone & cannot be replaced. The plaster walls, wavy windows, doors, millwork, etc. are priceless treasures! Because old growth lumber is now protected and no longer available for building, this whole farmhouse is basically made of gold! 😱 . Why do I go on & on about restoration? Well, 4 years ago we bought this farmhouse & jumped head first into “fixing her up” without much research. We didn’t know anything about historic preservation. This was the first room we tackled & we made a ton of mistakes. I want to warn people of the marketing ploys of the multi million dollar home improvement industry. Without researching we ripped out our hardwood floors because a contractor told us wood floors couldn’t be in a bathroom. Then he refused to put in tile because of the bounce. . This “luxury” vinyl might look good in pictures, but believe me giving plastic a fancy name doesn’t change it. There’s a huge difference between cubic zirconium and a diamond, right? This floor is my biggest regret and I don’t want anyone to be tricked like we were. Always keep the real deal! Homes built before WWII were made to be maintained and passed down for generations. There is almost nothing that can’t be restored in them. You don’t have to take my word for it – do your research.

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