Poikabändin laulaja kuoli koronavirukseen 34-vuotiaana

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Amerikkalaisen poikabändi DreamStreetin laulaja Chris Trousdale on menehtynyt koronaviruksen aiheuttamiin komplikaatikoihin kalifornialaissairaalassa. Hän oli kuollessaan 34-vuotias. Hän työskenteli viihdemaailmassa kahdeksanvuotiaasta asti.

Chris Trousdalen perhe vahvistaa, että kuolinsyy oli COVID-19 -virukseen liittyvä. Hän lauloi 12–14-vuotiaana poikabändissä, joka kuitenkin lopetti uransa vanhempien ja managerien välisten erimielisyyksien vuoksi. Chris Trousdale jatkoi vielä 2000-luvulla uraa musikaaleissa esiintyen, mutta jättäytyi lopulta pois lavalta.

Trousdalen ystävä Jesse McCartney on erityisen pahoillaan miehen menehtymisestä hänen äitinsä vuoksi. Trousdale eli viime vuoden sairasta äitiään hoitaen. Kuolemasta uutisoi ensimmäisenä TMZ.

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It pains me to say that an old friend, Chris Trousdale, from my early days in the music industry has passed away due to complications from COVID-19. Chris had an explosively charming personality with boundless amounts of talent. Together we made up two of the five members of a boyband called DreamStreet. We were young kids with budding talent who shared an overwhelming love for music and performing. Chris, in my opinion, was the most popular among us, who had a way of drawing every eye to what he was doing on stage. As an incredibly trained dancer, he would pick up an entire dance number in a matter of minutes; something that would take the rest of us days. I truly envied him as a performer. We were a part of something people never get to experience in an entire lifetime at the tender ages of 12 and 14. Although we were a band for only 3 years, at that age, it felt like a lifetime and we built a real brotherhood. In later years, we would grow apart as our lives would take different turns, but I would often reflect on our early days together and think about how exciting it all was. My deepest sympathies go out to his mother whom I know cherished him dearly. RIP Chris. I’ll never forget your smile. #DreamStreet #ChrisTrousdale

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