Äiti joogaa lastensa kanssa – uskomattomia asentoja!

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Vanhemmat näyttävät lapsilleen esimerkkiä monissa asioissa, ja yleensä lapset lähtevätkin innokkaasti kokeilemaan perässä kaikkea mitä vanhemmatkin tekevät. Summer Perez -niminen perheenäiti harrastaa joogaa, mikä on saanut myös hänen lapsensa kiinnostumaan joogasta.

Summer Perez julkaisee Instagram-kanavallaan kuvia hetkistä, jolloin hän on joogannut lastensa kanssa. Lapset ovat äidin tavoin innostuneet joogaamisesta, ja heistä onkin tullut siinä jo todella taitavia. Lapset ovat todella notkeita ja taipuvat vaikeisiinkin asentoihin, jotka vaativat paljon tasapainoa.

Summer Pereziä seuraa Instagramissa jo yli 80.000 ihmistä, jotka näkevät mielellään päivittäin millaisen joogasession Perez on lastensa kanssa tehnyt. Tällä hetkellä nainen yrittää rahoittaa joukkorahoituksen avulla itselleen koulutusta, jonka avulla hänestä tulisi joogaopettaja.

Fear will keep you from moving forward if you allow it. Take a deep breath and find that small voice within that is whispering, "You can do this." Hold on to those words and give it a go. You never know what you are capable of until you give it a try. ☆ Day 4 of our #ConsciousKids challenge is acro/partner yoga! You and your littles decide what you'd like to do. If your babe is not ready for any type of flight, there are so many different poses for the two of you to do that work for every level ❤ have fun with it and they'll keep asking for more :) ☆ Calling all the mamas and papas and the little ones to join us for a family yoga challenge! We have chosen 10 days of asanas/mindful activities to connect with your little ones and spread the yoga love ? All ages and levels are welcome. Hosts (and posting rotation): @coffeeandrainbows @thegivingmom @ladiboomyogini @summerperez @jo_mamma Sponsored by: @buddha_pants @grizzyloves @consciousinkkids @chocolate_milke ☆ Wearing leggings by @chocolate_milke Top by @grizzyloves All-in-one meditation cushion/blanket/mat by @chakyalife (discount when you use 'summerperez' at checkout)

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Living life as a single mom the past 7 months has given me a deeper appreciation for all the single moms who have done it since Day 1. And it has given me a deeper appreciation for the many times my own mother had been through this with 4 young kids in tow. There have been many nights where we break down and cry that we miss daddy, and there was a lot of that this past weekend being it was our anniversary. And though we try to keep life as normal as possible for the kids, nothing can replace their loving father being present their daily lives beyond a phone call. If it wasn't for my yoga and meditation practice, I probably would have broken down into a deep depression throughout this whole ordeal. (Though I'll admit, there have been times of darkness that I had to face and work through, and I have anxiety attacks from time to time when I don't ground myself in the present and get into the "wtf am I going to do… what if…why in the world.. ") If it wasn't for my mom being here to help me, I don't know how I would have ever been able to go to work to support my family and parents. So much gratitude for the help I've received and the listening ears from soul sisters. We are counting down the days until we are reunited once again, though when, we aren't sure yet. I salute you ladies who do this on your own and those who have done this on your own in the past, even if for a short time. You are so strong! Keep an open heart and know you are never alone. xoxo ❤ Day 3 of #ConsciousKids was backbend of choice. (We are playing catch up, and you can too! It's not too late to join in) Tag the hosts and sponsors in the caption so we can check out your images! Hosts: @coffeeandrainbows @thegivingmom @ladiboomyogini @summerperez @jo_mamma Sponsored by: @buddha_pants @grizzyloves @consciousinkkids @chocolate_milke ❤ Leggings by: @chocolate_milke Temporary tattoos by: @consciousinkkids Tops: @grizzyloves All-in-one meditation cushion/ blanket/ mat by @chakyalife (discount when you use 'summerperez' at checkout)

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Jayden & Cataleya were excited to have their own kids @drinkorgain protein shakes, especially since I got my own Orgain protein. They said workouts will be better because we now 'matched.' The kids milk boxes came in different flavors, so when I saw the chocolate, I decided to have a little fun with my kids (we joke and laugh a lot with each other). "Hey, who wants to get chocolate wasted?! Like super chocolate-ly wasted?!" And without skipping a beat, they started yelling, " I wanna get wasted!" "Me too!" I laughed so hard it hurt. It was just like in that movie Grown Ups. I was waiting for snack time, but up until then, they kept saying things like, "Mom, when can we get wasted?" "Mom, let's get wasted!" Talk about an ab workout! I'd rather that they learn that you get 'wasted' on #cleanprotein than anything else ? #wegain

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